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121: Qualifications Recap from the 2014 World Championships

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Coverage of the World Championships with a recap of the men’s and women’s qualifying rounds from Nanning, China. Jessica, Coach Rick, Lauren Hopkins and Spanny Tampson chat about:

  • Mr. Miguel Zapata of Spain, winning fans worldwide.
  • New Zealand’s Anna Tempero.
  • Whittenburg didn’t make vault finals, but Re Se Gwang did it with no legs.
  • Aimee Boorman calls out International Gymnast magazine.
  • Romania’s deep troubles.
  • Diego Hypolito, the veteran cannot be denied!
  • Skinner, so so so consistant
  • Simone has cast a happy spell on everyone at the World Championships.
  • Newcomers everyone is talking about: Nile Wilson and Bai Yawen’s bow.
  • The status of the Azerbaijan experiment.
  • Oleg Vernaiev! Finally! Or Uncle Tim may have had a stroke.
  • Score changes made overnight on the FIG website.
  • Celebrity couple nicknames we need for skills competed by two gymnasts at the same Worlds

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Nanning TV shenanigans.
Nanning TV shenanigans.


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9 years ago

LMAO JESS WHEN YOU FOUND OUT BAI IS FROM NANNING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Also just made me think when Flavia bowed to the Japanese coach when he congratulated her on a good beam routine in AA finals at YOG!

So I feel the need to comment on the NED teams as you guys didn’t 😉 ;). I’m not an expert on MAG whatsoever, like don’t even ask me to name any element except for floor, but I can deal with my own country’s team. I hope.
So it wasn’t perfect. The men themselves say the judging was pretty harsh especially on PBars and HB, which is what we’re best at. We as in, I’m totally part of the team. This was in sub 3. I don’t know scoring generally, but from what I’ve seen and what I know they’re capable of, I have to agree I guess? But they managed, they qualified for Glasgow. They got 18th. Not great, but also: we’re missing our best AA guy Bart Deurloo (who can score 87 including a good 14 on pommels which we desperately need, and a low to mid 15 on HB) due to a wrist injury and because of last minute injuries to a guy that was supposed to compete 5 events, the staff decided to leave Yuri van Gelder, former World Champ on still rings, home in favor of another AA guy. In the end, the guy turned out to be healthy enough for all his events so Yuri could have competed, but that was the choice to make at the time.
I’m definitely seeing some improvement for next year. They can score like 5 points higher, I’d say. So top 16 next year should be possible.

The girls did do MUCH better, imo. 10th place!!! There’s a LOT of stretch for them too! Celine van Gerner, most talented gymnast we have I’d say, competed far below her capabilities. She did an FTY where she can do a 1,5, she didn’t compete any of her inbars and only did a C dismount on bars (remember she was first reserve on bars at the Olympics!), she did a C dismount of beam and didn’t do her full in on floor. Sanne Wevers has some extras to add in her beam routine (she didn’t do her full twisting bhs mount for example), Lieke Wevers counted a fall on bars (and still did the best lol), and we have three DTYs sitting at home (Noel, Wyomi, Chantysha) and Eythora Thorsdottir is back posted a 14+ on beam and a good mid-13 on floor this weekend at the Hamburg Gymnastics Meet. Like. I’m PUMPED. We left Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and France behind us, where a few of them even made Euro TF earlier this year over us. And we’re not even CLOSE to our strongest.

Jared Goad
Jared Goad
9 years ago

Canada finished 12th counting two falls on beam. Without the falls they would have been ninth, when are NED and BEL counted all hit routines. And that was without Moors. If you look back to 2010 and 2011 they were 13th then 11th to 5th in London. That was their best team on their best day in London. They also beat both MEX and BRA whom beat them at Pan Ams.

9 years ago

So Carlotta says racist remarks about gymnast.
Gets forgiven.
Almost forgotten?
Carlotta now disparages her teammates personal/sexual life
Do we forgive and forget again?

9 years ago

Hey, I wanted to say I’m extremely grateful for all the MAG coverage you’ve had on the podcast recently, with this episode and the US men’s nationals episode as well. Jess, you’ve been doing so well talking about the men and it’s greatly appreciated!

Some thoughts on the qualifications.

So glad Diego Hypolito was put on the team last minute and qualify for floor finals. After the disappointments in 2008 and 2012, I hope he can make it to 2016 and redeem himself.’

I was hoping Nonomura would be Japan’s second AA, but I’m happy for Tanaka. Ironically, Nonomura fell on the exact same skill that he did at the American Cup when he he was poised to take 1st place.

With Mikulak’s struggle on high bar this year and at last year’s worlds, I hope he can get it together for the AA. Glad to see Danell back on form after a rough 2013. Sad for Whittenburg falling on his second vault, he would have made finals more interesting.

And yes a thousand times for the commentary about Karmakar, Skinner, the chinese gymnasts, etc.

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