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Episode 51: Podium Training Report From Antwerp

Blythe reports in from the World Championships in Antwerp. She’s watched workouts in the training hall and podium training. We talk about new skill submissions, Simone Biles putting the world on notice, Maroney competing all-around, Mustafina‘s conditioning and amazing bar routine where she is catching a Seitz in mixed grip, Tatiana Nabieva‘s possible concussion, Iordache‘s full on balance beam, The Moors in person, Sam Mikulak, and Mr. Baby- Japan-7.4-Floor-Oh-And-I-Can-Do-A-Triple-Twisting-Yurchenko Shirai Kenzo.

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Watch Here:
UTRS World Rankings WAG
UTRS World Rankings MAG
FIG Live Scoring here

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Lauren H
Lauren H
10 years ago

Awesome! Can’t wait to listen to more Worlds-casts…ah!! 🙂

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