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Episode 55: Worlds Wrap Up & Ferlito-Gate

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McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross and Simone Biles at the 2013 World Championships courtesy of My Crazy World of Graphics

This week, British Olympian Jenny Pinches joins us to discuss the latest news and the state of gymnastics. We talk about: the two new gymnastics reality shows in the works, Victoria Komova returning to training (or playing?) after a serious case of meningitis, the Kohei Uchimura interview on team gold for Rio, Aimee Boorman‘s interview after becoming the first ever female American head coach of an all-around World Champion, Simone Biles; Rodionenko’s complaints about Aliya Mustafina being called for “equipment testing”, a skill table for gymnastics like diving has, Philipp Boy‘s latest ovulation inducing photo and Nelli Kim‘s claims that she is being slandered by Russia’s top gymnasts.

Dvora Meyers joins us to talk about Carlotta Ferlito‘s racially charged remarks and the Facebook post where Italian Federation spokesman, David Ciaralli defends Ferlito, stating increased difficulty is designed to make things easier for,”colored people.” Read the Chicago Tribune’s full story on Ferlito-Gate here.

In our Worlds Wrap Up, Uncle Tim identifies trends in scoring and tells us if Execution or Difficulty reigned supreme. Then it’s favorites, worsts, wedgie solutions, where the judges got it wrong, the hottest coaches and athletes, the routines that make Jenny and Jess feel funny and what the Code of Points and the International Gymnastics Federation are doing right and what rules still need to be changed.

Don’t forget to send us your entries for the Halloween Costume Contest! The winner can pick the poster of their choice from the fabulous Cloud & Victory. Here are just a few of the options below. Send photos to by November 1st.

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The routine that makes Jenny Pinches feel funny. #WomanCrushWednesday

Ali Zahran from Egypt does the Victorian.

Submitted skill we love, Michael MAKINGS (RSA), 180 counter salto backward to rollout. No value given (boo!), but can used as choreography if you want to be AWESOME!

Croatia’s suit and tie leotad worn by Tina Erceg


  1. Your’re talking about overscored Ferrari and Ioradache FX but no talking about superoverscored Biles FX??????????????
    For Musty they downgraded her switch ring from E to D. There was no question about 5/2 Turn. It was actually 2/1 Turn

  2. The “Sam Dancing” video was the “Mazel of the Day” on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live hosted by Andy Cohen. Andy gave the Mazel to Sam basically just for being hot and confidently dancing but I especially liked that he also gave a shout out to USA Gym for making and posting the video (go Scott Bregman!). USA Gym killing it on social media!

  3. I’m pretty sure the Chinese have used honey on the bars for quite a long time – at least I seem to remember that Monica Phelps (the best commentator ever to exist ever ever) used to mention it regularly on old Eurosport broadcasts.

  4. I don’t know if Jenny is doing anything with journalism but I think she’s an excellent reporter! I hope she comes on more often 🙂
    I love Komova, but I agree with her being a bit apathetic.. I hope that now she has had a big break she can reinvent herself a little, just like Mustafina did (who in my opinion became much more happy and grateful and looked much more satisfied when she came back, although I’ve loved her ever since euros 2010).
    Who was the girl with the wedgie? I don’t think I heard.
    I think the standing in the corner rule should just be stand for one deep breath and then go. Like not a la Mustafina but I think it’s important they get to concentrate for one second before running in to a tumble. Also I understand your max 3 passes but then that should be worked out in the code, because otherwise FX D scores would be really behind on the other events, unless dance elements get higher values.
    As far as I know about D score enquiries, as a coach you have to write out the entire routine as intended, with calculations and CVs and everything, and then the jury can see where the discrepancies are and can decide to adjust or not.

    Hope you don’t mind my commenting along while listening to the podcast haha!

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