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In The Know

  • Becky Downie MBE is heading to her 10th European Championship
  • Reese Esponda is now listed as a WCC gymnast
  • The U.S. Olympic Trials streaming schedule is out
  • The list of registered athletes for the Core Classic is out
  • Team New Zealand can now wear shorts
  • 25% of the teams that advanced to the Regional finals were unseeded
  • Mike Rowe has 100 career wins
  • ESPN using remote commentators is a slap in the face of women's sports
  • Jay Clark received a yellow card
  • Tatiana Gutsu has launched a global fitness program

The 5th Rotation: April 09, 2024

What We’re Talking About

The podium is set for Nationals. The following eight teams will compete for the championship title in Fort Worth: Oklahoma, Alabama, Utah, Florida, Arkansas, LSU, Cal and Stanford. Joining them will be the 19 individual qualifiers (five from each regional–Sierra Brooks qualified twice):

AA: Gabby Wilson, Jade Carey, Lily Smith, Skylar Killough-Wilhelm
VT: Sierra Brooks, Mya Hooten, Emma Silberman, Anaya Smith
UB: Carly Bauman, Courtney Blackson, Mara Titarsolej, Jada Mangahas
BB: Amani Herring, Isabella Magnelli, Nikki Smith, Selena Harris
FX: Sierra Brooks, Raena Worley, Skyla Schulte, Chae Campbell

Can we talk about Stanford? The only unseeded team to advance, the Cardinals are peaking at the right time. As a reminder, this team scored a 193.625 in week one and didn’t crack 197 until the second week in March. Since that time, Stanford has now posted a 197+ five times and all of them have come when they are competing against Cal. Will this continue in Texas? We can’t wait to find out.

So, how did the rest of the week and Regionals unfold?


  • The exquisite form by Chloe Widner is finally being properly rewarded
  • The Ashley Miles era at Iowa State took a step forward
  • Team Zero and Team One for Clemson should be proud
  • Arkansas has arrived
  • Arizona State belonged in the Regional final
  • Sunisa Lee is now connecting a Jaeger full, Pak, Maloney, Bhardwaj
  • Smart: Jenny Rowland wanted to start on beam
  • We look forward to seeing Emma Malabuyo lock her Olympic spot in Doha
  • Chae Campbell deserves a shot at the floor title and Brooklyn Moors has already won it in our heart
  • We don’t feel the scores were fully reflective of the performances at the Cal Regional


  • Penn State advanced in the Regional semifinal over Michigan, in Michigan (just as we all predicted)
  • 197.050: Penn State finished their season with a Regional school record
  • Jade Carey is the Oregon State all-time event title leader
  • She also punched her ticket to nationals with a perfect 10 on floor
  • Utah has now made every single NCAA Final, 48 in a row
  • Ragan Smith won the Regional beam title with a perfect 10
  • Haleigh Bryant scored two 10s in one day
  • Michigan State concluded their winningest season in program history
  • Missouri has scored a 197+ in eight consecutive meets, tying the longest streak in program history
  • Ohio State finished their season on floor with a season high of 49.575


  • Stick stick: Chloe Widner
  • Golden Headset: Kathy Johnson Clarke

What’s On the Socials?


“They are such strong women. It speaks to their character and who they are as people…that kind of courage and strength can’t just be taught, it’s something that’s developed.” ~ Carly Dockendorf, Comeback Coach

After counting a fall in the first rotation of the Regional final, the Utes clawed their way back to advance to their 48the consecutive NCAA final.

“It’s my first one.”
~ Kathy Johnson Clarke, Gymnastics Royalty

Kathy’s response to longtime on-air partner, Bart Connor, who shared a perfect 10 score awarded to her from his wife, Nadia Comaneci just before signing off the ESPN broadcast for the final time.

“It takes a village and I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing and incredible staff who give everything they have for this team. We would not be able to do it if not for all of them.”
~ Tabitha Yim, Bringer of Angry/Grateful Tree Energy

The Stanford head coach expressed gratitude after her team earned the final spot to Nationals on the final routine of Regionals.


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This column was composed and compiled by Steve Cooper, Editor, GymCastic; as performed by hosts Jessica O’Beirne and Spencer Barnes.

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<ul> <li>Becky Downie MBE is heading to her 10th European Championship</li> <li>Reese Esponda is now listed as a WCC gymnast</li> <li>The U.S. Olympic Trials streaming schedule is out</li> <li>The list of registered athletes for the Core Classic is out</li> <li>Team New Zealand can now wear shorts</li> <li>25% of the teams that advanced to the Regional finals were unseeded</li> <li>Mike Rowe has 100 career wins</li> <li>ESPN using remote commentators is a slap in the face of women's sports</li> <li>Jay Clark received a yellow card</li> <li>Tatiana Gutsu has launched a global fitness program</li> </ul> <div align="center"><a href=""> <img src=""></a> </div>The 5th Rotation: April 09, 2024
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