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The Essential Gym Nerd Gift Guide

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Welcome to the gift guide that will fulfill all of your gym nerd needs; with something for your gymnastics nieces, a favorite coach, adult gymnast, proud gym nerd or hardcore athlete on your holiday gift list.

Nastia’s book: Finding My Shine will be here just in time for the holidays. What secrets will this real life gymnastics princess reveal?!
Nastia Liukin Memoire

Cheeseburgers on Horse In case you missed the phenomenon created when Chris Brooks gave the most epic, pre-pommel horse, motivational speech ever at the Glasgow World Championships, we have immortalized it forever in Ugly Christmas Sweater T-shirt form. For a refresher, listen to this video, read the transcript here, listen to Spencer recite it in Episode 176.
gymcastic gym nerd gift guide cheeseburgers on horse sweatshirt

. If Carrie from Sex in The City was badass enough to do gymnastics, this is the necklace she would wear.

Finding Our Balance. Frequent guest-host, Lauren Hopkins, editor-in-cheif of The has published the premier title of  the 2016 Trilogy. In the first installment follows Amalia, Ruby, and Emerson through heartbreak, triumph, and everything in between as their lifetime of training comes down to a single summer that will change their lives forever.
finding our balance lauren hopkins 2016 trilogy gymtnet gym nerd gift guide

The Secret to Healing Rips. Finally, a definitive answer  about how to treat and heal rips fast with actual research and a gymnastics doctor behind it.
how to heal gymnastics rips from bars fast

Photo Statuette. Makes parents squeal, the office jealous of your adult gymnastics career or your best gym nerd friend remember that time she met Nadia (Yes, that’s Emma) ! They come in two sizes.
gymnastics gym nerd gift guide silhouette statue

Vintage Soviet Postcards. USSR stans rejoice! Mukhina, Kim, Tkatchev, Korbut, Tourischeva all of the innovators wearing polyester leotards in one glorious postcard set.
Gymnastics - Set of 12 Vintage Color Photo Postcards - Printed in the USSR, Moscow, 1979

Metallic Tattoos. Let’s be honest, what gymnastics needs is more bling. What better way to make your beautiful wrist form, high relevéing ankles or stellar carriage stand out than with a gold or silver tattoo?
gymnast gift guide temp tattoo

Coach Ornament. Say “thanks” to your current coach with a little forget-me-not like this, it will always be appreciated.
gymnastics gymcastic gift guide photo ornament for coach

Little Lux Bracelet Silver, leather and a gymnast charm, what else do you need in jewelry?
gymnastics gift guide bracelet

Sticky Toes. Louuuuuuud noises!  Our advertiser Tumbl Trak has come up with something genius, yet again. The beauty of velcro is the loud noise that screams, “Your feet are apart again!” Sticky Toes are designed to help the athlete realize when their feet are apart or together and these can be used with other velcro pieces to help with conditioning (as pictured below). Tumbl Trak are  offering free shipping on tons of stuff right now. Check out the list here.
gymnastics gift guide gymcastic sticky toes tumbl trak

Kegel Trainer.  Do you have that one friend who hasn’t come back to gymnastics after giving birth because she pees every time she does tramp? This is for you; we haven’t forgotten our beloved, adult gymnast moms or gymnasts who tumble so hard that your bladder can’t handle the G-force. Check out Elvie or Minna, they give real-time feedback, and come with an app that gives you metrics, plus progress charts. Sexy data for your vagina!

Tumble Hard or Go Home Shirt. Because everything Cloud and Victory does is gorgeous.
tumble hard or go home t shirt gymnastics gift guide

Period Panties. Yes, finally underwear that will protect you from the embarrassing spills, stains and a failed blood collector. These panties were tested by women (see video below) and we wouldn’t believe if we didn’t hear it from them first hand.

Yes Video. Do you have millions of hours of meets on video or film like we do? For the true gym nerd who has hoarded a million years of meets, this digital conversion service will protect your gym-treasures.
transfer and share your gymnastics home videos gymnastics gift guide gymnast

Healthier Pit Foam. If Brestyan’s would switch to this foam, poor Mihai wouldn’t have to vacuum and worry about his  lungs all the time. Carcinogens from flame retardant materials used in pit foam have been found in the blood of college gymnasts. While studies are still pending on the safety of foam, why not switch to Rounders “conical shaped foam that improves airflow and surface contact, resulting in a foam pit that provides a softer, safer landing.” Plus, the “flame retardant cover that further protects the foam from breaking down, which reduces pit dust and improves the life span of your foam pit, making it cleaner, safer and more cost effective.”
pit foam without carniogens gymnastics gift guide

Sylvia P Couture Leotards. Hands down, no contest, the most innovative, unique, gym leotards we’ve ever seen. These are made for the runway. Why every national team and NCAA team isn’t wearing their leotards is beyond us. They. Are. Heavenly!
gymnastics gift guide leotards by sylvia p couture

TICKETS! Everyone needs to go to ALL the meets! American Cup in New Jersey, season tickets to your local college gymnastics team‘s meets, Women’s NCAA Championships in Texas, U.S. National Championships P&G’s,  the Women’s and Men’s Olympic Trials and of course the Olympics in Rio!
gym nerd gift guide 2015
Nanoblocks. These are like tiny legos that are only popular in Japan; so of course, they have lots of gymnastics figures! An excellent purchase for the kid in everyone/japanophile and every gym nerd. gymnastics nano blocks gift guide

It’s Not About Perfect. Shannon Miller’s book will answer all of your most gym nerdy questions and solve some long standing gymternet myths. It’s a must have for the complete gym nerd library.
gymnast Bookcover on Shannon Miller It's not about perfect
Christy Linder Photography. Hire the gymternet’s favorite photographer all for yourself! Guaranteed to capture the hardcore action shots and the adorable emotional moments she’s famous for.

Club Gym Nerd. Obviously, the best gift for your favorite gym fan is the gift that keeps on giving! The basic membership includes two ringtones, entry into six amazing giveaways per year, early bird discounts on our swag, with more to come. Anything above the basic membership you can choose from custom gym nerdery from voicemails, sponsored segments or the piece de gym nerd resistance: Commission a custom podcast and we will take a meet, topic or the gymnastics movie/TV show of your choice and give it the GymCastic treatment.
Club Gym Nerd Punk Font small
GymCastic Swag. Support your favorite podcast by buying some super gym nerdy t-shirts.

Click on the designs to check out our gym nerd-tactic t-shirts!
Click on the designs to check out our gym nerd-tactic t-shirts!

Double up on your charitable giving to the greatest podcast in the universe by shopping through our Amazon store.

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