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176: Worlds Wrap-Up Show

Marian Drăgulescu flies down back down the vault runway after winning silver on vault at the 2015 world championships
30-year-old Marian Drăgulescu (ROM) won his 10th world medal in Glasgow and the coveted Mr. Congeniality 2015 award from GymCastic.  © Christy Linder


In the News

Uncle Tim, Spencer, and Jessica discuss the state of gymnastics after the Glasgow World Championships:

  • Awards:
    • Miss & Mr. Congeniality Awards
    • Artistry Award (both intended and unintentional)
    • Highest non-vault E score Awards:
    • Biggest D Awards (non-vault):
      • UB – 6.900 – Fan Yilin (TF, EF) and FX – 6.900 – Simone Biles (Quals)
      • FX – Kenzo – 7.600 
    • “Size Isn’t Everything” Award
  • The State of Gymnastics:
    • Rules most desperately needed to change.
    • What worked in this code and what didn’t.


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include:

  • Mustafina has had knee surgery. Gulia Steingruber knee injury update.
  • The Rio Olympic Qualifer Hunger Games-style rule changes have begun, starting with Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Are Jordyn Wieber, Shawn Johnson and Nastia all training for the post-Olympic tour?
  • The Myth of Pregnancy Doping: where it began, lawsuits that were won and why it’s just stupid crap “science.”
  • Simone Biles and John Orozco will perform at the Colgate Skating  & Gymnastics Spectacular at Northern Illinois University on December 16th.
  • The NCAA signings we are most excited about, including Ruby Harold, Sabrina Vega and Polina “Puppy Feet” Shchennikova.
  • Your voicemails:
    • Is Romania focusing too much on veterans?
    • Was Mustafina engaged and where to find your fellow gym nerds.
    • The perspective of the Belarusian-American gymnasts and maybe we need an international meet for all this American talent?

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8 years ago

In response to the voice mail from Denmark, maybe we can make a forum as part of gymcastic or Facebook group where gym nerds can all congregate and live chat or something during meets and speculate during off season time. I used to love GGMB for this reason and haven’t found a forum that meets my gym nerd/gymternet gossip needs. Maybe this could help! Especially for people like me with hectic schedules who may not be able to physically meet up with fellow nerds or may not have any in their area or are nervous about meeting strangers. Just a thought!

Lauren H
Lauren H
8 years ago
Reply to  Taylor

I agree with Taylor 100%. 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Lauren H

Thanks Lauren!

8 years ago
Reply to  Taylor

I had actually sent an email to Gymcastic mentioning the possibility of a Facebook group too! And a forum sounds like a great idea as well, Taylor.

8 years ago

Elizabeth Shits. hahahahaha. Sorry. But yes, let’s make a forum! I can’t even sign up to WWGym for some reason and it’s very sad to gymnerd all alone.

My Miss Congeniality is Ksenia Afanasyeva for coming to bar finals on her day off, just to be Bar-Chalking Bitch for Vika and Dasha. It was her DAY OFF, come on, they could have chalked their own bars. Also a shoutout to Ksenia’s coach Marina Nazarova for bursting out of the doors into the smoking area after bars final while shouting “VERYYY GOOOOOOD JUDGEEEES!!!!” in English and scaring the hell out of everyone in a fairly hilarious way. Team South Korea actually had a 10 metre recoil of fear.

8 years ago

You guys sure are fun to listen to. :)) But I hate it when Jessica goes off on an artistry rant, lol, mostly because I don’t agree with her.

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