176: Worlds Wrap-Up Show

Nov 18, 2015 | GymCastic, Podcast

Marian Drăgulescu flies down back down the vault runway after winning silver on vault at the 2015 world championships

30-year-old Marian Drăgulescu (ROM) won his 10th world medal in Glasgow and the coveted Mr. Congeniality 2015 award from GymCastic.  © Christy Linder


In the News

Uncle Tim, Spencer, and Jessica discuss the state of gymnastics after the Glasgow World Championships:

  • Awards:
    • Miss & Mr. Congeniality Awards
    • Artistry Award (both intended and unintentional)
    • Highest non-vault E score Awards:
    • Biggest D Awards (non-vault):
      • UB – 6.900 – Fan Yilin (TF, EF) and FX – 6.900 – Simone Biles (Quals)
      • FX – Kenzo – 7.600 
    • “Size Isn’t Everything” Award
  • The State of Gymnastics:
    • Rules most desperately needed to change.
    • What worked in this code and what didn’t.


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include:

  • Mustafina has had knee surgery. Gulia Steingruber knee injury update.
  • The Rio Olympic Qualifer Hunger Games-style rule changes have begun, starting with Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Are Jordyn Wieber, Shawn Johnson and Nastia all training for the post-Olympic tour?
  • The Myth of Pregnancy Doping: where it began, lawsuits that were won and why it’s just stupid crap “science.”
  • Simone Biles and John Orozco will perform at the Colgate Skating  & Gymnastics Spectacular at Northern Illinois University on December 16th.
  • The NCAA signings we are most excited about, including Ruby Harold, Sabrina Vega and Polina “Puppy Feet” Shchennikova.
  • Your voicemails:
    • Is Romania focusing too much on veterans?
    • Was Mustafina engaged and where to find your fellow gym nerds.
    • The perspective of the Belarusian-American gymnasts and maybe we need an international meet for all this American talent?

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