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169: Glasgow Worlds Preview Show

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In the News

In the news, Uncle Tim, Lauren Hopkins, and Jessica chat about:

  • The Russian press conference that featured more empty plates than gymnastics
  • Hashtag Wars: the official hashtag has been changed from #2015wgc to #Glasgow2015
  • The Competition:
    • Who’s here and how they qualified
    • Competition format: six gymnasts per team, one alternate. Five gymnasts compete on each event in prelims with only four scores counting (5 up 4 count). In finals, only three gymnasts can compete and all three scores count towards the team score (3 up 3 count).
    • Lauren plays “How To Get Your Favorite Gymnast To Rio” with Uncle Tim
    • Non-nominative vs. Nominative
  • Injury report and which teams are on the “Oh Crap We Are Going To Have to Go To The Test Event” List
  • Gymnasts you must watch in prelims because although they might not make finals, they will make you believe in the Gym Gods: Thorsdottir, Berki, Wever, Zapata, Millousi and more.
  • Jaw-dropping skills you must watch lest you kick yourself forever: Bretschneider on high bar, Ablyzin on floor, Toni-Ann Williams’ Produnova off beam, Chustovitina’s Produnova on vault, Ruby Harold’s Zuchold, Schafer’s side some half.
  • Medal Favorites and our predictions: Brenna Dowell will win all the things!
  • Personal stories we are following in Glasgow
    • Cuba is back for the first time since 2003
    • Bahamas, Africa, Caribbean nations representing with exciting gymnasts
    • Team Jamaica: from zero to an super exciting, unique, dream making national team
    • Chusovitina and the women of women’s gymnastics

Contest Winners



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Glasgow Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Master Team List

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Worlds Live schedule


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8 years ago

Hi! Nice podcast! Found you guys just a few weeks ago and have been following ever since. You guys are awesome, keep on the good work.

Some notes:

I think Brazil is in a bigger \”oh crap here comes test event\” because we had T-H-R-E-E injuries in top gymnasts (2 being ACL tears), including Andrade a week before PanAms, which had 6+ routines on all apparatus, including an awesome Amanar and a 1 1/2 double back as first pass. We still have a good team, but since most of our competitors for the last spots are also good (Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Australia, Italy, France) we may need 100% hit routines and someone to fail in order to get the Rio team spot this month.

China\’s Shang Chunsong is also doing 3 1/2 + punch front, but it\’s usually scary as hell.

You meant Wang Yan as a wow floor routine (it is, actually; double double, 1 1/2 to triple to punch front, 2 1/2 to front layout and double back), but i think you meant Sae Miyakawa from Japan, which has a full in layout, front layout to double front, double layout and double double AS A DISMOUNT. Interestingly, her routine is .1 behind Wang Yan\’s because her dance routines are just A, B and C. But on tumbling she is on par with Simone, which is CRAZY from a tiny japanese girl.

\”He has a big D and know how to spread his legs\”. I died while spitting water on the screen.

Also, I think this question has probably been asked but I don\’t know to look for it: is it possible to make the podcast available for download? Since I don\’t have a lot of free time, it would be nice to hear you on my ipod while commuting, or on the bus, cooking etc etc.

Cheers from Brazil!

8 years ago
Reply to  Gabriel

Sae Miyakawa on floor is unnnnnreal. First of all, her body tension in her full in double straight is perfect. I think what\’s most impressive, however, is that her knees are glued together in her double front a la Ivana Hong. She 100% rivals Simone in terms of her tumbling – great to watch!

8 years ago
Reply to  Gabriel

Yes, you can try Stitcher for downloading the podcasts!

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