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130: Mary-Anne “Mez” Monckton

Mary-Anne Monckton beam series
Mary-Anne Monckton doing her aerial layout series on beam . Photo by Nadia Boyce.


This Week's Interview

The 20 year-old is a student of the sport, should probably be a in the next episode of The Hard Way To Success, she still loves gymnastics despite seven surgeries, she gym nerded-out because she made a beam final with Catalina Ponor, is inspired by the number of women (20 and older) who held their own in the all-around final in Nanning–she is Australia’s Mary-Anne “Mez” Monckton!  Emma and Jessica discuss the following gymnerdery with Miss Mez:

  • Why she hated gymnastics at first and being chosen like Nadia at age 7.
  • Surviving seven surgeries with her love for gymnastics intact!
  • Trying not to freak out while competing in beam finals with her gymnastics idol, Catalina Ponor.
  • Thinking the wrong score was posted when she placed second to Larissa Iordache on beam in Doha.
  • Her description of the beloved post-beam finals celebration with Ellie at the Commonwealth Games.
  • Tales from Nanning, her favorite competitors there and her opinion on the tie-breaking procedures for finals.
  • Being coached by the infamous, Ju-Ping Tian.
  • Explaining her desire to do American NCAA gymnastics to her Australian mother.
  • Why she became a student of the sport (AKA super gym nerd), not just an athlete.
  • Jet lag tips everyone can use.
  • Her thoughts on Australian Gymnastics Jail and how the team for the Commonwealth Games were chosen.
  • She tells the most endearing Peggy Liddick story you will ever hear and shares Peggy’s sage advice.

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