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170: Women’s Qualifying Recap from 2015 World Championships

Romanian fail glasgow 2015
Romania had a meltdown of epic porportions, failing to qualify for Team Finals or an automatic berth to the Olympics.


In the News

Jessica is reporting live from the 2015 Women’s Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow, Scotland with the European Gymcastic Crew: Bea Gheorghisor from the Couch Gymnast, Emma Bailey, Michelle Web, and Cordelia Price:

  • Team Jamaica: The women’s team just made history by qualifying to the Olympic Test Event. They join us along with the men’s team (who are here for the first time ever) to talk about how they are helping local Jamaican gymnasts.
  • The Romanian Meltdown: Romania has been getting worse and worse from Nanning to Glasgow. Something has to change in the Romanian system.
  • Russian Resurgence: Never doubt the Russians, they showed up and wowed the the crowd and the judges alike.
  • The British had two heartbreaking falls on bars from the Double Downies, but Ruby Harold hit her routine to lead TeamGB to the team finals.
  • China hit amazing tumbling in their traditional floor socks, but had trouble on bars. Still, Team Finals were a lock for them.
  • Italy, Japan, Canada qualified easily despite epic delays by the beam judges!
  • The Netherlands make history with an automatic berth to the Rio Olympics–had the entire arena celebrating. We have details on their genius strategy and how they won with smart, clean, artistic gymnastics.

Here are our tweet highlights from each day of Prelims:

Day 1

    • Chusovitina fell on bars and didn’t repeat the skill. Scored a 12.033.
    • Possibly no Romanians in the floor final! Silivas is going to be pissed!
    • Last year, Romania scored a 55.866 on floor in quals. This year, a 54.999.
    • The entire arena’s hearts just broke when Popa (ESP) fell on her in-bar gienger on UB. Her only event here after ACL comeback
    • Savvidou (CYP) on FX, crowd totally getting into her routine here. Creatively just jumped into wolf squat and knee spun out of it
    • Braaten (NOR) fun Marilyn Manson FX with unique acro choreography.
    • Duisek (KAZ) –  Jordyn Weiber’s music on floor just did a double pike that travelled about 25 feet from back handspring. Tried to land in Iceland.
    • It’s official, ROM needs to import a Chinese or American or Russian bars coach STAT! Before the Test Event in April. Everyone except new baby senior, Jurca has fallen on UB.
    • Spain is a beam team. They are SO aggressive! Aren’t lovely floaters, but they make the beam OBEY them.
    • CHUSO (UZB) vault Produnova, feet hit first and didn’t get a concussion as far as we can tell or black eyes (14.766).
      • (Will Graves) Chuso on why she said she was done after London only to stick around. I’m a woman, I have the right to change my mind.
    • Rd. 1 – Romania 217.220, Spain 210.094 (7.126 diff)
  • Japan
    • Attacking the bars… so on!
    • Japan out scores Romania by 6 points on bars!
    • Mai stuck THE S^#&% out of her double pike!
    • Teramoto (Nanning Worlds finalist) leading beam with highest score so far 14.1 D 5.8. The Japanese are winning this meet so far.
    • Masada had to wait like 3 floor routines to go on beam!
    • Sae did a full twisting double layout with PERFECT FORM. Perfect. Legs together, straight legs, pointed toes, not a pinky out of place!
    • Yumoto fell on double back last pass
    • Mai watered down her difficulty but super clean. DLO, triple turn fell out a little bit but very clean. No triple full from her. She said she might upgrade with her triple full for FX finals. It will depend on how she feels that day.
    • Sae DLO half in half out so straight! Flies into layout punch double front tuck, double double, SHOULDER SPIN, DLO.
    • Sae Miyazawa 14.9 (6.3 D) and Mai Murakami with a 14.1 (5.7 D)


  • Kysla (UKR), lovely pink leo with wave up to the shoulder and sparkly glitter arms and shoulders. Really pretty.


  • Canada
    • Bars are being raised for Brittany Rogers 5’6″ (CAN/UGA). Took under 30 seconds for the bars to be raised.
    • Rousseau is so extended and lovely on UB for CAN. What an awesome surprise.
    • Kukuchi fell on top of Brittany Rogers trying to save her from falling AND then picked her up in an even more AWKWARD position.


  • Emma Larsson (SWE) tumbling is like Kytra Hunter high. Good lord. DLO Paul Hamm height.
  • Sullivan (NZ) playing to the nerds in the crowd with some Game of Thrones music on floor
  • Tarabine (ARG) had amazing double front on floor, lots of hops and then maybe chillies pooped out on last pass takeoff.


  • Great Britain
    • Fragapane killed. MUCH improved form from her on floor, specifically.
    • Kelly Simm does a Paul Ruggeri arm circle hurdle in her Yurcheko
    • Ruby Harold BARS super mega hit!!!!
    • The Double Downies both had a fall on the stupid uneven bars


  • Brazil
    • Jade Barbosa fall on uneven bars, and a weird almost hesitation fall thing.
    • Flavia competed alone on balance beam, everyone else done. Some connections troubles and two wobbles, but sticks her double pike like a G!


  • Russia
    • Seda just invited a new vault. Tuck-open DTY
    • Afanaseva’s sassy floor. Such a huge difference when she performs. The routine is actually funny.
    • Paseka did a really nice stick on her Amanar! Crazy legs on the pre-flight, but such a safe happy landing.
    • Komova on uneven bars: puppies get a new home and we Kathy Johnson
    • Komova balance beam.


  • Italy
    • Ferrari counts out loud on balance beam during her blanche, an excellent strategy to make sure she gets credit for it
    • We Kathy Johnson over Fasana’s floor


  • Germany
    • Schaefer actually connected front aerial to side aerial . Zero pause. OMG
    • Not sure why Tratz balked on her series and then did not repeat it. No acro series. WHY? Always have a backup! Always!
    • Germany had a performance like Italy on bars. This team is so capable and talented.
    • Schaefer has a really nice handspring layout half vault too. She’s good on all the things you guys.


  • Avendano (COL) injured on vault. Medical is so fast and amazing here, but her coach just walked casually over to her like a jerk.
  • Hornet (SLO) on floor. Do yourself a favor and watch! She just got huge cheers from the crowd and you can be sure no one has ever heard of her.


  • Poland
    • Pink-Panther Pihan (POL) on BB illusion, REAL connected front aerial to side some like Schaefer. Hearts, hearts, hearts.
    • Janik HUGE tucked front full vault. She ran fast, like Simone, Maroney fast. Ya for big safe vaults!


  • We’ve seen about 5 handstand snap down back tuck dismounts on bars today or as @GymCoaching calls them, “The Dismount of Last Report”
  • Simm (GB) & Scheder (GER) both did the inside piked tkatchev successfully = named after neither. We shall call it the SCHIMM. FYI.

Day 2

  • So.many.double pike,last passes.on floor.
  • China and North Korea are on the 2.5 through to triple punch front train. Bringing the Big D on floor.


  • China
    • Two falls from China on floor. Lisa Mason is going to be like, I told you not to wear those damn socks!
    • China Uneven Bars – rule states the coach is not allowed on the podium but if spotting the whole time then grey area?


  • Pena (DOM), made her Produnova in warmups and then landed right on her butt when she competed
  • North Korea
    • Two falls for Jong Un Gyong on balance beam
    • Jong Un Gyong just did the flamingo in the corner and then put her foot down, like eh f-it, “I’m over this”Ministry of PRK”
    • Park crash-landed forehead first on a double pike.


  • Belgium
    • Watching Belgium is like watching an NCAA meet right now. They are rocking it, feeding off of each other, screaming their heads off. Partying like the first time Florida won Nationals. If only every FIG meet had their energy!
    • Belgium gymnasts are SMILING during their beam routines! Nobody does this in elite!


  • Australia
    • Godwin (2x national champ) just did the best Yurchenko full of the meet. Form + stick + amplitude. NCAA 10.
    • Bars claiming more victims. Falls from Mez and Munteanu after a solid vault rotation.
    • Larrissa Miller just missed top 8 on bars.


  • Belarus
    • Kwan (AOGC/BR) stopped mid-kip and hopped off the bar. Even these low level USA elites with mistakes are standing out here.
    • Dickson (AOGC/BLR) hit her feet on tkatchev but great amplitude on her dismount.


  • Vidiaux (CUB) tumbling is insane. So fast, she looks like she is in fast forward.


  • USA
    • We’ve been here for two days watching every single team. The US are just…we need a new code for them. Even counting falls, they dominate by 5+ points. #nextlevelproblems
    • Brenna Dowell performed without music – we will explain why on the show. She’s a STUD!
    • Aly took out the split half on floor
    • Aly’s having an off night
    • Dowell might want to take a chainsaw to the bars, if she doesn’t we do!
    • Maggies Amanar was super high but MAJOR romanian helicopter legs. Yeesh.
    • Simon submitted a weiler full but didn’t do it here. Will have to wait for AA finals.
    • Simone thinks the US had so many errors because they’re overworked, “need a mental break.”


  • Netherlands
    • Thorsdottir looked at the judges and said,”That’s right bitches, I AM what you imagined when this code was written” BEAM GODDESS!
    • They have an aerial aerial combo down for bonus like the US has backflips.
    • Orange tears… they’re going to the finals


  • Jerofejeva (LAT) is 5’71/2 and 26 years old. FYI vaulted a nice handspring front.
  • Ireland has a shamrock on their leos
  • Dicta (IND) landed her Produnova feet first and then butt dropped; also did a very Chuso-esqe tsk double full, low landing, but fine.


  • Jamaica
    • Nush and Toni-Anne Williams both hit floor and the crowd loves them.
    • South Africa competing with Jamaica, both wearing gold & green, looking like one team.
    • Toni-Ann fell on bars but finished strong and beautifully
    • NUSH smoked the bars! Tiny hop on her landing and WITH A BROKEN FREAKING RIB!


  • Veteran Steingruber (SUI) AA Final hopeful nailed bars, vault and floor. Her tumbling looks effortless! Did a Sac-Level, maniac gorgeous handspring rudi on vault. Fell on her layout series on beam.
  • Mickova (CZE) – Cool floor routine alert! Unique, weird, modern, She just hangs in the middle like she’s dead from waist up.

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8 years ago

You really didn’t get the right pronounciation of Rio. It’s not like “Hio” but with a strong RR sound, like in French, “RRio”

Jack Matheson
Jack Matheson
8 years ago

Thanks for appeasing us rabid Russian fans and allotting them their deserved airtime lol. 😉

8 years ago
Reply to  Jack Matheson

At the expense of the U.S. coverage. Boooo 😉

8 years ago

Thanks for such a long episode! Also, it looks like Martha let the girls out of gymnastics jail before the team final this year. Simone & co posted instagram pics of them *gasp* outside!

Lauren H
Lauren H
8 years ago

I finally finished listening to this podcast, and it was wonderful! Thank you so much for such a LONG, detailed podcast, discussing pretty much everything I could have ever wanted about Quals. A couple thoughts I had while listening:

1) Thank you for mentioning the Chinese bars spotting. I was wondering if I was the only one this bothered. I’m not against spotting on big skills, but staying there and basically spotting the ENTIRE routine is ridic. Do these coaches not trust the gymnasts’ abilities to hit these routines on their own at all?! I just don’t understand it. Every time I watched a Chinese bars routine I was in fear of either the gymnast whacking the coach, or the coach accidentally touching the gymnast, causing a penalty. Something needs to change.

2) The Netherlands team is heaven on earth. I’m so excited they made it to Rio!! I’m praying to the Gym Gods that the FIG are paying very close attention to their gorgeous routines, and will somehow cater next quad’s COP to their style of gymnastics because I would love to see their style somehow spread to other countries. I would LOVE a three pass MAX on floor routines to happen.

That’s it for now. I can’t wait to listen to the other 5 podcasts. My commutes to and from work for the next week are going to be wonderful for a change!

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