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172: Men’s Team Finals Recap from 2015 World Championships


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Jessica is reporting in person from the 2015 Women’s Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow, Scotland with the European Gymnastic Crew: Brevet judge, Coach RickEmma Bailey, Michelle Web, and Kensley Behel:

  • Japan wins! GB right on their heels, and ooooh China falls to bronze.
  • Do the in-house commentators influence the judges?
  • Japan has huge Ds so they don’t need to worry about falling off things.
    • Kohei fell on HB again, just like Tokyo
  • The Brits were theeee most consistent of the meet (no falls).
    • Louis Smith just ran the press conference and the arena.
    • The Brits got the gold for entrance.
    • Max’s floor was heaven.
    • The best married couple-coaches ever embrace artistry and a big D, Sir Eddy Van Hoof and Carol-Angela Orchard.
    • The crowd was so loud on each tumbling pass many thought it might have caused Uchimura fall on HB.
    • Bryan said that artistry and style gives them confidence.
  • A 9.1 is the new 10.0
  • Jessica might have left bruise marks on Kensley because she kept grabbing her throughout the meet.
  • Is this just the beginning for GB’s reign?
  • China’s execution is crap and we frown upon this.
    • Xiao has the potential to be the Rio gold medalist.
  • With Japan and GB in the top two spots, does this mean the code of points working as a balance between the E score and D score?
  • Coach Rick gets a deduction for stomping his feet on the floor too much while we recorded.
  • Some men need Aly’s little girls from Brestyan’s to sit on their feet like they do on Aly’s.
  • Can someone explain Russia high bar? Why are the women’s bars so good and men’s so bad?
  • Coach Rick reveals who will win vault in the finals!
  • Kensley: Let’s take a minute and talk about Paul.
  • Jess’s preferred Tomayo sandwich: Paul Ruggeri and Stacey Ervin.
  • Where would Horton fit into the USA team?
  • The ridiculous wait for Donnel Whittenburg’s enquiry on floor.
  • Glasgow sets a new standard for running a meet.
  • The Swiss are legit.
  • Hansol “Hansolo” Kim’s floor shoots first. Watch his Korean dream floor, we were all impressed.
  • Hypolito returns to floor, even though he wasn’t used in prelims.
  • Favorite moments from men’s prelims.
  • The two team per country rule wasn’t needed for the men’s apparatus finals! Men’s gymnastics is competitive across the entire world!

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