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173: Women’s All-Around Finals Recap from 2015 World Championships

simone biles three time world champion gymnastics
Simone Biles (L) with Gabby Douglas (R) won her third all-around world title in a row and maybe had a response for Komova with this pose?


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Jessica is reporting in person from the 2015 Women’s Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow, Scotland with the European Gymnastic Crew: Emma Bailey, Michelle Web, Cordelia Price, and Becca Emrick:

  • Who made the No-Fall club.
  • Shout-out to many coaches for their positive methods.
  • Was Simone and Gabby flexing photo a direct response to Komov’s steroids accusation?
  • Simone
    • Simone becomes the first ever three-peat, consecutive women’s AA World Champion
    • Is Simone the most dominant female gymnast of all-time?
    • What did Aimee Boorman say to Simone after her almost-fall beam routine?
    • The area flashed the score  Simone needed to win on the mega-wall before she went on her last event.
    • The touch-warm-ups show just how many ice buckets of water she has in her veins.
  • Was Jurca’s vault over-scored? We still think she’s amazing–a tiny, amazing little beast!
  • Gabby
    • It’s her FIRST EVER world medal! How is that possible?
    • Did she reveal her upgrades at the press conference? What should she upgrade in her secret gymnastics workshop?
    • Gamer… very sparkly!
  • Larisa
    • REVENGE!
    • Her and Jurca made Romania cool again.
    • Her handstands were like Code of Points drawing on the bars!
  • Who gets air time on beam? Let me get a tea and wait while she comes down. Oh, it’s Guilia Steinbruger.
  • Mai wasn’t even on the original team, but represented Japan like a G! She’s got a big E and she knows how to use it.
  • Wang has a big D, but a small E.
  • If you had a gun and one bullet with a zombie coming at you on beam, who would you hand the weapon to? Carlotta Ferllito.
  • We have another answer for why there’s a delay between routines and making the gymnasts cold –  TV Time Out.
  • Lieke does ballet on the beam, no seriously, and it shows!
  • Questions for our gymnasts, how does Emma live her amazing gymnastics lifestyle?
  • We break down the scores. The judges got it right, most of the time tonight.
  • The most important question of the night… Who had our favorite leotard?
  • Our favorite skills of the night.
  • Corrections… there might have been one or two from previous episodes.
  • Rant: The importance of The Feelings Police, apparently, thats us now.
  • Komova update… an apology and a selfie.
  • The listeners tell us what we missed.

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8 years ago

I\’m not sure if this has been addressed yet, but I think the photographers were asking for the muscle pictures. It wasn\’t just them. I noticed it during Day 1 or 2 of event finals that the photographer asked one of the male podium winners groups – I think pommel horse with Mox and Louis – to flex.

Jared Goad
Jared Goad
8 years ago

Great show again! You guys never seem to amaze me!

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