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PODCAST RECAP: Olympic Trials Night Two

Article by GymCastic Crew Member Stefane Victor.

Jessica, Spencer, Lauren, Cordelia, and Casey Magnesium recap the most important moments from night two of Olympic Trials.

  1. It is a consensus that the team with the highest scoring potential is not going to Rio. Based on tonight’s performances, Locklear or Skinner would add more to the team final total than Douglas. (Note: While there was a 0.5 spread between Douglas and Kocian/Locklear on UB at Nationals/Trials, that may not be how international scoring pans out for similar routines. In 2015, the spread between Douglas and the bar specialists at home was similar, but Douglas scored within 0.1—or even outscored Kocian—with similar routines at Worlds.)
    • Skinner said she should have been on the team and was visibly upset that she didn’t make it. Her parents and coach have been vocal in supporting her.
    • Although Douglas seems to have gotten preferential treatment after her dismal (for her) performances at Trials, her performances throughout the year do justify the selection committee’s decision.
    • Martha has faith in Douglas.
    • Since Ashton is a true specialist, Douglas earned her spot by being solid—to say the least—on every event.
    • The 2016 team is very similar to the 2015 World’s team, just like in 2012.
  2. Nichols impressed everyone, but wasn’t able to get to 2015 form quickly enough due to injury.
    • She needed the Amanar to make the team. Without that vault, she doesn’t contribute enough on four events to make the team or a specific event alternate spot. Those went to:
      1. Smith for BB
      2. Locklear for UB
      3. Skinner for VT/FX
    • Although she fell on beam the first night, Nichols had a great meet and showed how hard working she is. She would have made the team under the ’96 team finals format.
  3. Gym fans are excited, but need to make sure they aren’t distracting to gymnasts during competitions.
    • However, the Trials crowd/distractions could have been good practice for the very enthusiastic Brazilian crowd.
    • Brazilian crowds have been known to boo, heckle and laugh at non-Brazilian gymnasts, though recent meets show they may be very supportive and appreciative of all gymnasts. Expect record breaking enthusiasm in Rio.
  4. Routine recap:
    • A lot of the gymnasts went out of bounds, especially the gymnasts with eponymous FX skills.
    • Although the floor was white to mirror the floor in Rio, some of the gymnasts had a hard time spotting while in the air. Look out for any adjustment problems in Rio (hopefully no terrible wipeouts)!
    • Raisman, Hernandez, Skinner, Hundley and Smith were the only gymnasts to hit 8-for-8 this weekend! Good job women!
    • Vault scoring was a bit suspect. The best DTYs (Hundley/Dowell) were not the highest scoring, and Hernandez was overscored again. She had one of the least impressive DTYs of the night, yet had the highest score.
    • Judging conflict of interest:
      1. Silvia Brestyan was judging UB/FX. Is it OK that someone’s coach is judging an event?
      2. Some college coaches were also judging events. Is that acceptable?

What was your biggest takeaway leading up to Rio?

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