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U.S. World Team Trials 2023: Day One

U.S. World Team Trials 

Jessica is in Texas watching live. Spencer is at home watching the stream. We will go live right here on this page Tuesday, September 19th about an hour after the meet ends (updated: 7:45 Pacific-ish). Here’s how to ask questions live.

We discussed:

  • The weird day of falls for Simone and the official word from the FIG on her vault value
  • Why Shilese got such a low score (for her) on bars and what connection bonus was lost
  • What Jade Carey’s coaches said about the vault situation
  • Who we think is a lock for the World team and highest scoring team
  • The strange E scores on floor especially Josc vs Kaliya
  • The spectaculars of Kaliya Lincoln and Leanne Wong
  • Katelyn Jong injury and what Laurent yelled to Jordan Chiles before her last pass
  • The wins! DiCello changed her beam skills and Josc added back her single bar release.
  • What events we’d ask gymnasts to do if any, on day two
  • And of course, everything you couldn’t see on the FlipNow live stream that happened in the gym

Day 1 Scores
Day 1 - 2023 World Team Trials

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Gym Nerd
7 months ago

I’m waiting to hear that Simone threw a simonevacs on bars. She’s short enough and has the power to. That’s her next step towards total domination.

lavita dolce
7 months ago

Great shirt Spencer!

Gym Nerd
7 months ago

Thank you for starting with Shi’s bars…I definitely had the same though as Spencer and they inverted the score.

Tamara Saxon
7 months ago

I have joined the club but have no idea where to click to listen? Please and thank you.

Michele Reis
Michele Reis
7 months ago
Reply to  Tamara Saxon


7 months ago
Reply to  Michele Reis

Hi Michele:
Thank you for your support! Please see our reply above.

Michele Reis
Michele Reis
6 months ago
Reply to  GymCastic

Thank you!

7 months ago
Reply to  Tamara Saxon

Hi Tamara. First, thank you for your support! If you want to watch/listen live you need to click on the embedded YouTube video when we’re live. If you click on the title of the YouTube video it’ll take you to a private YouTube page where you can chat with other club members during the live stream.

Once the live show is finished, we upload the audio version to the webpage, add it to the podcast players, and then we add the shorter video for non-members to the page.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to You might also find answers on the Forum. There’s a special section that’s only available to club members where some of these questions get asked/answered.

7 months ago

This meet was a MESS!

KALIYAH HAS TO MAKE IT!!! Team form matters!

7 months ago

The E score on Kaliyah and Jos is night and day different! INSANE!

can we get some clarification?!

Katie Henderson
Gym Nerd
6 months ago

I thought I read somewhere that Simone was doing Words and Pan Ams. Is that even possible?

Cynthia Fitch
Gym Nerd
6 months ago

If Kaliya had deductions for execution/artistry, what the heck was Josc scored on? Her form is bad and there is no artistry. I don’t understand how she scored higher than Leanne, especially with steps out of bounds. Do they really expect Josc’s floor ex to score well with international judges? Am I missing her artistry side?

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