Episode 7: Ruggeri, FIG Elections, Geddert on Goodbyes & Halloween Costumes Ideas

Paul Ruggeri

This week we interview multi-time NCAA Champion and elite standout, Paul Ruggeri to find out what makes this fan favorite so unique. We discuss FIG elections, Nastia’s new agent, Geddert’s latest blog post, Jake Dalton’s clothing line, the genius Chetkovich Cup, winners of the Northern European Championships, NBC’s alleged mistranslation of a Khorkina interview and give you tons of Halloween costume ideas.

And Paul takes Uncle Tim’s MAG Athlete Oath:

I, Paul Ruggeri,
take you, Pommel Horse,
to be my one true love.
I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health,
and even when the other events seem more titillating.
Though you are inherently boring for gymnastics fans,
on my honor,
I will try to make you popular,
even if that means I have to gyrate on top of you
in competition.
In the name of Kurt Thomas and his flares,

The deadline for the costume contest and to win the shirt of your choice from Cloud&Victory is Thursday, November 1st. 

Cloud & Victory shirts

Show Links:

Dalton’s clothing line: www.mesomorphic.storenvy.com

Tatiana Gutu wearing a back-warmer a la Elite Sportz Bands.

Blythe’s story on Northern Euro Championships.

Peter Vidmar story Jess refers to “Beyond Gymnastics with Peter Vidmar”

Khorkina Fluff with alleged mistranslation video is below. Russian speakers, please give us a second opinion on this! Rachael says,” For example, at one point the translation reads “I have been great for a long time”. The literal translation is “I don’t want to be called strong… quote” (It’s about 1:44 in the video).”

Episode 6: New Vault Code, Gymnastics in the Media & Jonathan X-Games Horton

This week we talk about changes in the vault code, gymnastics portrayal in the media and talk to Horton about his scooter gang, triple doubles, body hair in men’s gymnastics and which of his teammates is the most unique person he has ever met.

Jonathan Horton

Don’t forget the enter our Halloween Costume Contest. You could win one of these cool shirts from Cloud&Victory! Just send in a picture, new or old – via email, Twitter of Facebook.

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Uncle Tim’s blog post Changing The Code: Vault Problems

And this is the moment Horton talks about in his interview; shirt off and everything!

Halloween Costume Contest

Have a costume idea you want to flesh out? Do you already have a costume more terrorizing than The Ranch before the Olympics? Or do you need ideas to make your neighbors flip out? We’ll be discussing ideas and suggestions on Episode 7.

Winners we be announced on Episode 8 (the Monday after Halloween).

Rules: There are no rules! Send a pic of a costume from 10 years ago, we don’t care! Just send us a photo and be creative. Good luck!

The winner will receive the t-shirt of their choice from Cloud & Victory.


Episode 5: Growing up at WOGA

Allison Taylor on what it was like to be part of the greatest US elite program of all time at WOGA. Uncle Tim’s six year-old-friend reviews Shawn Johnson on Dancing with The Stars and we tackle cyber bulling in gymnastics. Dvora Myers follows up on our discussion of the popularity of men’s gymnastics. We play, who would win this reality tv show, if every contestant was a gymnast.

Find out what we are talking about here:

From our friends at FullTwist, all four of Chusovitina’s routines from Bundesliga.

A humor-filled primer on the ongoing Russian Team saga from Because Fan is Short for Fanatic.

Dvora Myers book and website.

Uncle Tim’s impression of Steve Nunno comes from the ’92 Olympic vault final.

Episode 4: Louis Smith, Spanny’s Athlete Oath, Making Men’s Gymnastics More Popular

Interview with Great Britain’s Louis Smith about Strictly Come Dancing, pressure, role models, his famous pommel horse photo shoot, style and Rio. Spanny Tampson writes and new and improved version of the FIG’s Athlete Oath. We discuss how to make men’s gymnastics more popular.

Here is Spanny’s new and improved version of the FIG Athlete Oath. Please administer to your gymnasts or take it yourself and show us the video!

“I declare on my honor that, as a gymnast, I will make an attempt to do pretty gymnastics.  I will not bust my wrist nor shelf my butt in an attempt to portray artistry.  I will flash neither my heiny nor hipbone, for I understand that doing so will not actually give me longer lines.  I will perform skills to the best of my ability, and understand that chucking horrific but highly valued elements is a recipe for death.  With consideration to the fans and myself, I will try not to die while performing my skills.  I hereby swear to uphold the tenents of grace and dignity of gymnastics, and not cause fans to run to Youtube to recall a better time.  In the name of gymnastics and Nadia, amen.”


Episode 3: Russian Regime Change, Fashion Code and a Chat With Anna Li

Anna Li at the San Jose tour stop. © USAG

In this week’s episode Blythe’s mom goes to see the tour, we discuss Alexander Alexandrov’s demotion, the net worth of gymnasts and the way in which the new Code of Points tries to address fashion faux pas. In our chat with Anna Li, we get an update on her neck injury, find out exactly how it happened, if we will see the Kovacs before we see her in Cirque or SYTYCD and what her least favorite costume is on the tour.