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112: Junior & Senior Women’s Prelims from the 2014 US Championships in Pittsburgh

Jazzy Foberg photo
Junior Leader after day one, Jazmyn Foberg. Photo by Christy Linder.


A full recap of day one of the women’s competition. We discuss:

  • Swaggie Maggie Nichols rise in the ranks
  • The ranging case of nerves that swept the juniors.
  • Trends in routine construction for the top teams
  • How awesome Evan Heiter and Sam Peszek were at commentating LIVE.
  • Favorites for World and Pan American Games.
  • Adeline Kenlin and the coolest vault of the competition and Lexy Ramler getting the biggest cheers for her bar routine.

Watch live here.

The 2014 WAG Rankings from The All Around here.

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9 years ago

A PSA for DC (and maybe Baltimore) area people — according to my TV listings (I have FiOS), NBC is not airing the Senior Ladies on Saturday night. They are showing the Redskins/Ravens pre-season game instead. (That’s football ;)) I have my dvr set to some weird channel called Cozi (460) which claims to be airing it. I’m cranky about this!
Last night, when I checked to make sure that I really have that channel — it was showing grainy Magnum PI re-runs. So I don’t know how this is going to be.

9 years ago
Reply to  A.S.

Thanks for the heads up, the same thing is happening in the Cleveland area. Not cool.

9 years ago
Reply to  A.S.

Hey, you may also be able to watch it online at NBC Sports. You have to put in your cable provider information but I think they will also be streaming it in their live extra app. I am not positive about this but you may want to give it a try.

9 years ago

Hi! I just want to say that I really enjoyed your recap of the first night of P & G Championships. It was really interesting for me to hear all of your insight from being in the arena (I was watching from home). I really love hearing all of the little tidbits of information that you all witness from being present at the competition like when you talked about Brenna’s determined face before her routine! I love hearing about things that happen on the sidelines that we don’t see on the broadcast such as gymnasts interactions with coaches, other gymnasts, etc.

Just one question for you that I have been thinking about. Why do you think it is that there are so many fewer seniors than juniors in the competition. I realize that many seniors are injured right now, but even if they were healthy, I doubt there would be as many seniors competing as juniors (correct me if I am wrong about this). The only things I could think of are the tougher qualification requirements for seniors, burnout, or deciding to stick with level 10. What do you all think about this?

Once again, thanks for the podcast! I really enjoy listening to all of your shows! You always do a fantastic job!

TXGym fan
TXGym fan
9 years ago

I really enjoy your podcast! I know you all work really hard to put it together for us. The quality of the show is great.

I’ve been looking forward to a discussion of the men’s competitions. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t much discussion of the MAG competitors in the preview show, especially since you’ve featured some of the athletes in previous podcasts.


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