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105: Chicago Secret Classic Preview, Cuba is Back & Nadia Promotes Adult Gymnastics

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This week Uncle Tim, Spanny Tampson, Lauren Hopkins, and Jessica chat about:

  • Which skills and/or apparatus cause the most exertion-induced flatulence.
  • The good and bad–the unusual team final format at the Commonwealth Games
  • Could Donnell Whittenburg be this generation’s Marian Dragulescu?
  • Nadia, Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes, Mary Lou Retton and Bart Conner on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, featuring an adult gymnast!
  • Who’s in, out, and ones to watch at this weekend’s Secret Classic in Chicago.
  • Jessica and Spanny share their body image struggles as adult gymnasts.
  • We pick our Rio Olympic teams based on this year’s Secret Classic roster.
  • The Chow-manar vs. The Raisman-manar.
  • How will Gabby Douglas’s move to Buckeye’s with Nia Dennis benefit them both.
  • The State of Danell Leyva; training in Miami for the altitude in Colorado, don’t mix.
  • Spanny Tampson’s review of Gymnastike’s Beyond The Routine series at Texas Dreams.
  • What goes through our minds while we watch rings routines.
  • Can “women’s” gymnastics remain a viable sport if it can only be done at the elite level, before puberty?
  • Beautiful Cuban gymnastics shine at the Festival Panamericano; Yesina Ferrera Nunez and Manrique Larduet.




Louis will be our very first GymCastic Book Club guest in August.

What: Read the book and submit questions about it for Louis.

How: Buy the book here, send your questions to us at  gymcastic @ or leave a voicemail on Skype at username “GymCastic Podcast” or by dialing (415) 800-3191.

When: Submit your questions by the first week in August and we’ll ask Louis when he’s on the show in August.

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Watch Gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games from anywhere in the world BBC2 here or BBC1 here or here for all streams. WARNING! Don’t click on any of the ads on these pages! These are free because they are full of spam links, beware of the x boxes. Use this VPN to watch the Commonwealth Games from anywhere:  TunnelBear 

Watch ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss with obese, 44-year-old Georgeanna, who wants to get back to gymnastics here.

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9 years ago

Vaults for Yesenia Ferrera
Vault 1:
Vault 2:

It was the Rebeca Andrade (Jr from Brazil that competed to a Beyonce medley on FX)

9 years ago
Reply to  Ronnie

Just realized you already mentioned Rebeca Andrade’s FX. Sorry.

9 years ago
Reply to  Ronnie

Sorry. Just realized you already mentioned Rebeca Andrade in your broadcast.

Eric P
Eric P
9 years ago

Picture it – International Gymnastics Camp, 1994. Chainey Umphrey is coaching me during my ring rotation which is by far my weakest event. I’m warming up and hit a straddle back uprise to an immediate fart which I’m fairly certain all of the Poconos could hear. Without missing a beat, Chainey says to me “You don’t really like rings very much, do you?” No sir, no I do not.

9 years ago
NCAA GymCastic Live Show in Fort Worth, TX April 19, 2024

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