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Episode 41: Laurie Hernandez & Coach Maggie Haney

Lauren “Laurie”/ “Baby Shakira” Hernandez turns 16 right before the 2016 Olympic Games. She completely stole the show at the 2012 Secret Classic in Chicago and she’ll be back this weekend. In our interview she told us her epic wipeout stories, opinion of cutsie routines, which area of The Ranch should be filmed for a TV show [Gymnastike! That question was for you!] and cultivating her signature style. Her coach, Maggie Haney talks about the pressure of coaching a gymnast who’s routines stop traffic, her difficulty vs execution strategy, the advice Marta Karolyi gave her, teaching her athletes how to lose as well as win, dealing with burnout when she was done racking up perfect 10s at North Carolina State University, giving birth just days before returning to the gym to coach and the appropriate amount of time to keep a floor routine.

Keep up with this rising star on Twitter @LaurieLaurenh02 and Instagram lauriehernandez_

Blythe reports in for the European Youth Olympic Games in Utrecht, we preview who to watch at the Secret Classic in Chicago, Uncle Tim highlights routines from the men’s national qualifier in Colorado Springs, Jessica expounds the virtues of geothermal energy for gymnastics schools and why everyone should follow future Saturday Night Live performer, Katelyn Ohashi. Remember to watch The Secret Classic LIVE FREE WORLDWIDE webcast this weekend with hosts Samantha Peszek and Amanda Borden on Saturday, July 27th both the junior, 1 p.m. CT, and senior, 6 p.m. CT will be webcast. Check the USAG site for podium training coverage on Friday before the meet. Thank you USAG!

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Vintage Laurie Hernandez

YouTube player

Her FX at 2012 Classic’s that brought down the house!

Winning Beam at Parkettes 2013

YouTube player

2013 Floor upgrades

YouTube player

Brinn Bevan (GBR): STYLE! FX jump 1.5 to prone

YouTube player

Maria Kharenkova (RUS) BB EYOF Super high two-foot layout

Maria Kharenkova (RUS) FX- EYOF 2013 (Finals)

YouTube player

Kim Janas (GER) BB at EYOF

YouTube player

Carlo Macchini of Italy, knees together on Kovacs and a jam right up to handstand on top of the bar.

YouTube player

Tyesha Mattis (GBR) Floor, EYOF. Messy but difficult.

YouTube player

Eythora Thorsdottir of the Netherlands. We love her old school skills.

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10 years ago

Book club suggestions: Feel No Fear by Bela Karolyi and Dare To Dream by Tim Daggett.

I suppose Bela would be really hard to get as a guest, but what how amazing would that be? And I know you’ve already had Tim Daggett, but maybe he can be like the Gymcastic version of Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live.

Keep up all of the good work! The show just keeps getting better. Will we ever get more of the History of US Gymnastics? I really liked that segment, even if it’s just once in a while or as posts on the website instead.

Thanks for all of y’all’s hard work!

-Marc, Portland, OR

Katie Ackermann
Katie Ackermann
10 years ago

Book club suggestion: Off Balance by Dominique Moceanu and The Other Side of the Medal by Andreea Raducan.

I agree with Mark’s comment on the history of gymnastics. I think it would be great to have a flashback segment that highlights older competitions.

Keep up the great work! Wednesday is now my favorite day of the week because of you all! Rock on!

– Katie
Tucson, AZ

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