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113: Junior & Senior Women’s Finals from the 2014 US Championships in Pittsburgh, plus an Interview with Kim Zmeskal Burdette

Simone Biles hugging Jazmyn Foberg
Repeat senior champion, Simone Biles hugs new junior champ, Jazmyn Foberg by Christy Linder.


Today, straight from the P&G Championships in Pittsburgh, Jessica, Lauren, Dvora, Cordelia and Lindsey recap the event and:

  • Kim Zmeskal tells us about the Hunger Games-themed leotards and the core values of her coaching. Her interview begins at 1:45:35.
  • The rise of MG Elite, is quite possibly the top junior gymnastics program in the country.
  • Laurent Landi, coach of Alyssa Baumann and Madison Kocian at WOGA, stopped by the GymCastic studios to give us an injury and goal update on his seniors.
  • The wise, reliable, Kyla Ross.
  • Breakout fan favorites, Jordan Chiles, Morgan Hurd, Macy Toronjo, Emily Gaskins, Marissa Oakley, Maile O’Keefe, Jazmyn Foberg, Deane Soza and Alexis Vasquez.
  • The Uneven Bars Situation: Ashton Locklear, Madison Kocian, Kyla Ross and seemingly fantasy, gym nerd created bar routine of Brenna Dowell.
  • Would it make any difference to our World and Olympic results if the US ladies went to more World Challenge Cups around the world?
  • Should USAG President, Steve Penny, revoke the broadcast rights from NBC for showing John Orozco crying in London on the big screen in the arena while John waited to go on pommel horse?
  • We present the deeply coveted GymCastic Execution and Artistry awards.
  • Will Simone Biles be the Kohei Uchimora of women’s gymnastics?
  • Missing in action – where was Kyla’s coach Howie this weekend?
  • The MyKayla Skinner factor – she’s made huge improvements.

Extra special thanks to the DoubleTree hotel in Pittsburgh for finding a great room for the podcast and feeding us warm cookies to sustain our recording long into the night!

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Scene of the crime by Lindsey Green.
Scene of the crime by Lindsey Green.

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Jazmyn Foberg uses “Never Gonna Happen” by Lily Allen for her floor routine. Do you like it?

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9 years ago

Perhaps when Biles has won five world all around titles and three other world titles we can talk about her being the “Kohei Uchimura of WAG”.

Seriously, the fact that you even entertained this notion is a serious disrespect to Kohei’s abilities and accomplishments.

Sorry, gymcastic, but this was ridiculous and uncalled for.

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