127: T&T Worlds, Medellin Cup & Gymternet News

Nov 12, 2014 | GymCastic, Podcast

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In the News

In the news, Uncle Tim and Jessica chat about:

  • Our favorites from Tumbling and Trampoline World Championships and what we think artistic gymnastics can learn from these daredevils with good form.
  • Are fake music endings acceptable in floor routines or a cruel joke on the audience?
  • The floor routine to the Sia song Chandelier by Ellie Boterell of England is everything!
  • The GymCastic Floor Music contest playlist is up on Spotify here.
  • A guide to shapashnikova variations on uneven bars, because Jessica sometimes needs help with bars.
  • Standouts at the Medellín World Cup: Yamilet Peña, Mariana Chiarella of Peru and Jossimar Calvo Moreno.
  • Mustafina’s latest interview where she discusses her injuries, coaching (can’t because she doesn’t dislike children enough) and frustrations with the bar code.
  • Will the open division at Shawn Johnson’s new NCAA-esque meet series allow for international elites to compete?
  • Oleg Vernaiev talks about training in war-torn, pit-less Ukraine.

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The Gymternet’s Ultimate Floor Music Playlist is ready for you listening pleasure. Send us videos if you use one of the songs for a floor routine! Check it out here.

A GymNerd’s Guide to Shapashnikova’s on Bars:

    1. Shapashnikova = Clear hip
    2. Van Leeuwen = Toe-on with 1/2
    3. Khorkina = Clear hip with 1/2
    4. Toe on Shapash = Maloney
    5. Toe on Shapash ½ = Van Leeuwen
    6. Stadler Shapsh = Isn’t named, but sometimes called the Chow after Amy Chow
    7. Stadler Shapash half
    8. Inbar (piked) stalder Shaposh = Komova II (2011 World Championships)
    9. Inbar (piked) stalder Shaposh with ½ turn = Komova I (2010 Youth Olympic Games)

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Audrys Nins of the Dominican Republic vaults

Audrys Nins of the Dominican Republic, gives good cowboy.


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