136: Full Out Syndrome

Feb 4, 2015 | GymCastic, Podcast

Alexandra Tsikhanovich of Bridgeport University purple leotard double stag

Alexandra “Sasha” Tsikhanovich of Bridgeport University


In the News

In the news, Uncle Tim, Evan, and Jessica chat about:

  • Brazil’s Amanar vaulting superstar,  Rebeca Andrade.
  • The best gymnastics job posting we’ve ever seen ever – help make grand exit with flips as I quit my job.
  • Cintia Rodrigues (ESP) and Niamh Rippin (GB) instagram-nastics, a hecht full and Yurchenko double tuck respectively.
  • Play Nerd-Jack : by relating any topic to gymnastics in as few words as possible. (16:50)
  • The results, skills and return of Victoria Moors to competition at Elite Canada. (24:00)
  • Debate who has the better pike front on beam: Ellie Black or Alicia Sacramone.
  • Evan yearns for more substantive and instructional commentary from the newest college television hosts in his own version of the rage-o-meter. (29:00)
  • NCAA rankings, which 10 was really worthy (can it be a 10 if the gymnast has full out syndrome, AKA “I have to pee” legs on her landing?), and gush about Kennedy Baker and Division II powerhouse, Bridgeport star, Sasha Tsikhanovich. (34:00)
  • Highlight the best of the NCAA meets including Gnat’s double twisting Yurchenko, UW’s Allie Northey who can do a Jaeger with pointed toes, Peng Peng Lee smoking bars and beam like a G for UCLA, Cal’s Dana Ho who has Gienger that puts Nastia’s to shame, plus what to do when a judge forgets about the meet.
  • Our fabvorite unique skills of the season so far: backspin, Comaneci salto, aerial to land in Y scale, and a one armed front handspring to knee sit on beam.
  • Debut the new feature, an under appreciated gymnasts of the week in Lexi Cappalli of University of North Carolina who does a Depeche Mode floor routine with a supine worm.
  • Three ways to watch the AT&T American Cup in person even if you are on a budget.

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Ellie Black’s winning beam routine at Elite Canada here.

Video story  on Rebeca Andrade.

Cintia Rodriguez (ESP) Stadler hecht full to high bar transition here.

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