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186: Amanda Borden

amanda borden interview
Olympic gold medalist, Amanda Borden


This Week's Interview

The smiliest gymnastics queen in all the land visited Uncle Tim this week. On the 20th anniversary of her Olympic gold, the commentator, gym owner, coach and member of the Magnificent Seven, Amanda Borden, chatted about (01:15:10):

  • Why that forward shoulder roll in 1992 compulsory beam routine was so hard
  • Whether or not horrific fall replays should be shown on TV
  • Committing to the University of Georgia; going pro and never leaving home for training
  • Her thoughts on the gymnastics fans theory that Mary Lee Tracey has an injury curse
  • If  NCAA coaches should ditch the ties and heels and rock a warmup suit like elite coaches
  • Being one of Mary Lee Tracy’s first stars and learning to navigate that elite world together
  • The significance of female head coaches winning the first team Olympic gold medal 


Jessica, Spanny and Lauren have your weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet:

  • Uncle Tim’s major news (forgive us this indulgence, we are really excited for  him)
  • Beth Tweddle broke her neck on a reality show but she’s up and walking
  • Orozco won the all-around in his first competition back after his second Achilles tear
  • Chusovitina killed it at the WOGA Classic. Proving that age is nothing but a number and we have the data to prove it
  • (11:30) Sophia de Jesus’s floor routine went viral, like way beyond Lloimincia or any other gymnastics routine we can find.
    • Spanny broke down just how huge her numbers are.
    • We analyze why this routine, in particular, broke through. 
    • (24:40) Could Sophina de Jesus do her hip-hop floor choreography in elite?  We asked two elite judges. You must hear their answers!
  • (41:26) NCAA News :
    • We talk about teams we love who ranked 8-16
    • Cal’s WOGA-ness and throwing every vault in Code
    • OSU’s unique and innovative commitment to artistry
    • Auburn gymnastics beat Alabama for the first time since 1979
    • Sacramento State and their robot choreography and insane skills (Ezhova)
    • Kentucky’s Sidney Dukes
    • Georgia who just beat LSU and Florida!
    • Agree or Disagree Greg Marsden who said, college meets should stop extended awards ceremonies at the end of a dual-meet.


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8 years ago

Hi! It\’s Kat, press box neighbor. First, I miss you all and want you to keep being totally awesome. Second, re: Marsden\’s award ceremonies comment. It came the same week that Massachusetts HS gymnastics stopped doing event award presentations at the state sectionals and championships. All they did was quickly announce the team awards. It was odd at first, but the girls seemed to like it ten times better when all was said and done. They got to talk to their friends on other teams quicker. So if the giant high school meets are doing it, maybe college should consider it?

8 years ago

Still speculating about black people’s motives, smh.

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