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321: Consequences, Felonies, and Tumblers




  • Jessica spent the day with Mary Lee Tracy. WHAT????????
  • Dumpster Fire News
    • A post-mortem on the Perry Years (year) (nine months). 
    • Where does USA Gymnastics go from here? 
    • The DOJ is investigating why the FBI didn’t open a formal investigation for nine months. MMMhmmmm. 
    • Debbie van Horn was arrested upon returning to Texas from China.
    • Kathie Klages is being charged with lying to investigators and could face jail time
  • Reflections on the interview with Aly and Lynn Raisman
  • The sad story of Sae Miyakawa, the abusive coach, and the federation. (There is video of the coach hitting Sae. Warning: it’s awful.)
  • The first women’s national team camp at EVO concluded over the weekend
  • Help save UIC Gymnastics


  • Asian Games
    • North Korea shines with Kim Su Jong and Jon Jang Mi
    • We debate whether Pyon Rye Yong’s Amanar is terrifying or not
    • Yeo Seojeong is your new vault queen
    • We complain about the “0.000” rules on vault (again)
    • Lighting candles for Dipa
    • Rifda Irfanaluthfi is a home-nation HERO
  • We all need to talk about Jia Fangfang, the tumbling world champion who is trying WAG floor
  • Fan Yilin is back, and Zhao Shiting has a very unfortunate name but very fortunate beam potential






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  1. Re: pronunciation of Zhao Shiting. In Mandarin, there\’s essentially a silent \”r\” sound after the word \”shi.\” So with correct Mandarin pronunciation, her name is Zhao Shi(r)ting. That helps a bit… right?

  2. Fan Yilin is definitely shaking up the Worlds selection for China, but I doubt anything will change since more than likely Fan Yilin will go the event world cup route, meaning to qualify that spot she CANNOT be on the team that qualifies to Tokyo. Since there\’s a huge chance China will qualify a full team to Tokyo at this year\’s Worlds, I don\’t think they\’d take Fan Yilin to Doha. Maybe next year\’s Worlds?

  3. Calling it “the big girl massage” was probably also another way for Nassar to hide what he was doing. If he was openly talking to a gymnast about her “big girl massage” in front of her parents or coaches, it probably made it seem to the gymnast that her coaches/parents knew what was going on.

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