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350: There Are No Rules in This House



NCAA NEWS (5:22)

  • An extended crack or correct about basically every routine at that insane Oklahoma/Florida meet
    • A fall is a fall is a fall is a fall is a fall
    • Confusion about the code of points and rules used to judge NCAA (also from the actual judges, apparently)
    • The deductions that should have been taken in an example routine from this preposterous display of scoring
  • More Hall of Fame crack with UCLA and Oregon State
  • The worst crime of the whole weekend: UCLA’s leotards
  • Sad crack: the underscoring of Sarah Shaffer’s perfect Y1/2 
  • Anger come-down: Oregon State’s death by hugging, Emily Muhlenhaupt’s 9.975 on bars, and Lexy Ramler’s perfect beam 
  • The SHOCKING TRUTH about NCAA scores in 2019
  • Bowling Green wins this week’s random stick-themed nonsense award

MINI-COMMISSION The Anti-Wolf Turn (1:09:41)

  • Abzug has commissioned a segment all about turns, asking most crucially, do any less ugly turns have the same difficulty as wolf turns? Oh my yes. We discussJessica talks about backspins. A good time is had by all. 

MEET NEWS (1:26:21)

  • Ana Padurariu is the new all-around champion of Elite Canada, Ellie Black has a million floor pass options just because she can, and junior Zoe Allaire-Bourgie competed with the seniors due to awesomeness and took 3rd AA. 
  • Kristal Uzelac Bodenschatz competed at the Buckeye Elite qualifier after five months of training, and we highlight all the newest qualified elites
  • News on Maile O’Keefe and Adeline Kenlin


  • Annie Heffernon is the permanent senior vice president of the women’s program
  • Michigan Radio NPR: Federal Regulators release report citing 21 instances of Clery Act violations by Michigan State
  • North Korea is considering participating in the Korea Cup in South Korea
  • New York has passed the Child Victims Act
  • Oleg had all the surgeries again
  • Diego Hypolito says, “it seems that the Brazilian athlete has no value”
  • Jessica makes Spencer talk about a feel-good story and he barely knows what to do
  • Simone Biles is a badass (duh)
  • Updates on post-birth college gymnastics, leadoff 10s, and beam music



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