343: The Andrade Cup & the Dumpster Fire of Lies

Dec 4, 2018 | GymCastic, Podcast



THIS WEEK (1:30)

  • First, Scott Bregman of the Olympic Channel joins us to talk about his fantastic interviews with Simone Biles and John Orozco and handle Jessica’s request for a naked interview with a bunch of Japanese men, or something

IN THE NEWS (19:50)

  • We discuss what we learned about THE DOCUMENTS from Scott Reid’s report on the depositions in Aly’s lawsuit against USAG and the USOC – it ain’t good.
  • The FIG Congress approved creating a Gymnastics Ethics Foundation — is this anything?
  • The FIG has proposed changes in the way athletes qualify for worlds — we like!
  • The USAG board has a new chairwoman – is there a secret golf cabal we should know about?
  • Lou Anna Simon has been charged with lying to police – oh, that’s too bad.
  • Alex Naddour has been removed from the suspended members list.

COTTBUS (56:50)

  • Jessica’s thoughts on the crowd, swimming naked in Germany, Milad Karimi’s crib, white boards, and genetically modified Ukrainians
  • Spencer jabbers endlessly about the Olympic qualification points rules, what this means for 2020 (not so much yet) and Jade Carey’s strategy
  • The Rebeca Andrade Cup – THAT DTY YOU GUYS
  • The beam final was a mess, but Flavia got 2nd even with a fall because perfection
  • Jade Carey did…OK. She took 2nd on VT and 5th on FX with 3 OOBs
  • Marta Pihan-Kulesza has brought back her Pink Panther routine, and it was AH-MAH-ZING
  • Pros and Cons of how the Olympic rules have changed the apparatus world cup
    • Pros: This is the most we’ve ever cared about an apparatus world cup
    • Cons: Some of these finals were better than worlds: Cough, cough MIYACHI


  • Uncle Tim attended Cirque’s show Volta and has an extra special review for us 


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