347: The Michigan Mess & the Viral Queen

Jan 15, 2019 | GymCastic, Podcast

Katelyn Ohashi at the Cal Collegiate meet in Jan 2018 where her floor routine went viral, again. (Photo credit Amy Dixon/Daily Bruin)



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IN THE NEWS (3:00)

  • The Rhonda debacle: Michigan hires, then fires, Rhonda Faehn in the span of a single weekend. Because gymnastics totally has its life together. 
    • What the team members are saying, what Rachael Denhollander is saying, and how we navigate the politics of whose voice gets to matter—especially when people we agree with happen to disagree with each other
    • Why gymnastics fans largely have a better impression of Rhonda than of the other USAG employees involved
    • How the University of Michigan royally screwed this up in every way
  • Dan Baker replaced MLT as the developmental program head coach, and USAG didn’t say a word about it


  • Auburn upsets LSU
    • Derrian Gobourne is a star (1:14:15)
    • The entire Auburn bars lineup is taking Abby Milliet pills
    • What happened to McKenna Kelley
    • How DD handled the dudes in the front row
  • Denver defeats Michigan and Alabama
    • Gushing about Alexis Vasquez for all eternity (15:40)
    • Jessica’s inside stories from visiting Denver during the preseason
    • Alabama has a stick bedazzled Thor’s hammer
  • Plus…
    • We’re desperately worried about Maggie limping after floor
    • Trinity Thomas debuts for Florida (1:16:56) and Kathy is everyone
  • Anaheim quad meet
    • College meets are playing the national anthem before the athletes enter
    • Ohashi goes viral for her floor routine again (our first interview with Ohashi in 2013  and second in 2015
    • Special appreciation for Kelley Hebert and Sarah Liddle of UC Davis, Alma Kuc and Sofie Seilnacht of Cal for NOT BEING BASIC
    • Why Jessica cried over Marz Frazier’s floor routine
    • Spencer rants about the competition’s horrible strip club poster
  • “Splashdown”-gate
  • How would an Olympic team of Nichols, Ross, Finnegan, and Skinner do?
  • Crack or Correct: Justice for Lexy Ramler, leo scoring is real, and more bizarre judging in Alabama




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