361: 2019 NCAA Nationals

Apr 26, 2019 | GymCastic, Podcast



NCAA Championships!

  • Live show – Thank you to everyone who came. It was AHMAZING! We recap our favorite moments.
  • Oklahoma won the thing with a dominant performance
    • Jessica takes you through all the FEELINGS moments from the press conference—with the trainer, and the team, and the crying, and YOU GUYS and BRENNNNAAAA
    • Maggie Nichols wins AA for 2nd year in a row. How it happened, plus thoughts on that floor routine composition
  • LSU performed excellently to finish 2nd. Which is good.
    • That tweet. Oh, we have thoughts.
    • Sarah Finnegan won the AAI Award because correct
  • An off day for UCLA put the Bruins in 3rd
    • Thoughts on Marz Frazier’s absence from the floor lineup
    • How will a new coach balance maintaining UCLA’s identity with his/her own personal style and approach?
  • Denver’s 4th place is the team’s best-ever result. By a LOT.
    • Coach Linas has taken the bars coaching showmanship up yet another notch
  • Discussion of how much we missed 6-team sessions with byes. It’s zero.
  • Semifinal thoughts
    • Hello Oregon State!
    • Beam caught up to Georgia, plus Suzanne rumors and important white fanny pack updates
    • Michigan was one of the 4 best teams on the semifinal day
    • Megan Marsden has announced her retirement
    • UCLA’s semifinal leotard. It was…
  • Individual champions – Guess how we feel about ties! Spencer tries to force Jessica to break the ties, and she won’t do it
  • Dude Nationals — STANFORD WHAT??????
  • Our best Texas stories


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