413: Is Jade Carey an Olympian Yet

Mar 1, 2020 | GymCastic, Podcast



Between the all-around results mix-up and the World Cup…reassignments…the US men’s program had quite the controversial week at Winter Cup. Kensley breaks it all down, with statements from USAG about both issues.

  • USAG awarded the all-around medals to the wrong people. Great job.
  • Yul Moldauer was under the impression he had 3 world cup assignments. Turns out, nope.
  • We discuss the problems of miscommunication and having UNWRITTEN selection procedures for squads that have already been selected and meets that have already happened.
  • How do we make sure things like this don’t happen again?
  • Live Blog: 2020 Winter Cup – Day 2
  • Live Blog: 2020 Winter Cup – Day 1

RAGE-O-METER (46:22)

  • Details on the unacceptable “deal” USAG proposed to survivors, including four tiers of settlement money based on famousness and the release of Steve Penny, Marta, Don Peters, John Geddert, All-Olympia and others from all future claims
  • W. T. (and we cannot stress this enough) F.
  • Jessica has some choice feelings about it.


The 6th of 8 Olympic apparatus qualifiers has concluded in Melbourne. We answer pressing questions like

  • Is Jade Carey an Olympian yet?
  • Are we emotionally stable enough to talk about what happened on high bar and the latest developments in Japanese Gymnastics Jail?
  • Could the US men actually earn an Olympic spot this way?
  • Does Gymnastics Australia have it together? (Nope)
  • Why is Jessica more interested in Tampax than in the results?


  • Winter Cup—actual gymnastics part!
    • We discuss improvements on USAGs part (what?), some interesting decisions about who made national team especially re: Alec Yoder, Gage Dyer’s floor, Spencer’s favorite Winter Cuppy moments, and what it means now for athletes who didn’t make national team.
  • Women’s NCAA news (1:29:18)
    • Spencer is soooooo glad we had so much other stuff to talk about that we didn’t have much time to discuss the scoring at UCLA/Utah because he physically cannot.
    • Historic lead-iff 10 finally happened. Grace Glen got a 10 as the first person up on beam.
    • Maggie Nichols is injured, Michigan set a program record, and why we need receipts!



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