80: 2014 American Cup: Recap & Photo Essay

Mar 5, 2014 | GymCastic, Photos, Podcast

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This photo essay of the 2014 American Cup is by the great, Christy Linder. Follow Christy on Instagram, Twitter. Act quickly and hire her now for your meet by visiting her official website here,  before Azerbaijan snatches her up as their official photographer.


In the News

This week Jessica and Lauren Hopkins from The Couch Gymnast chat about:

  • The 5th annual Nastia Liukin Cup: pink, roses, great level 10s and no ties!
  • Márta Karolyi commentating live during the Nastia Cup broadcast! SQUEAL!
  • Elizabeth “Ebee” “Consistency “Price winning by almost 3 points.
  • The solution for Orozco’s mental game–we are sending him to Texas Dreams.
  • American Cup a preview of World floor podium? Ferrari, Ebee and Moors?
  • Why Moors’ coach,Elvira Saadi, should always carry a spare leotard.
  • NBC broadcast commentary, including, “She doesn’t look very Japanese.”
  • Why John Macready should have his own game show for kids.
  • The level of difficulty for the women at the American Cup versus NCAA.
  • TV etiquette for gymnastics fans. Shame on you parents of North Carolina!

Don’t forget to enter our March gym nerd CONTEST! Enter our #gymitation contest by imitating your favorite gymnast. Just post a photo or video doing a pose, skill or impression of a gymnast. Tell us who you are imitating, tag us and include the hashtag #gymitation. We’ll pick our favorites to win one of these fantastic four prizes!


Here are the latest news stories we discussed from around the gymternet:

  • The Houston Chronicle reports that Simone Biles and Coach Aimee Boorman have left Bannon’s Gymnastix.
  • Oklahoma Men’s alumni have an acrobatic network at Disney World in Florida.
  • The dream team grows! Oleg Stepko is set to compete for Azerbijan.
  • Rebecca Tunney debuts a Church to Bhardwaj at the Welsh Open.
  • The Michigan’s Men’s team are training in PUERTO RICO for spring break!

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leotard designed by nastia liukin

The pink and black versions of the Nastia Cup leos.


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All right, we need to settle this. Let's say that there is a two-way tie for gold. Should the gymnast with the third-highest score (i.e. the person whom we normally call the fourth-place finisher) receive a bronze medal?

We had a big debate today: https://buff.ly/3psk6q4