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Are You In (Bounds) or Out?

Mizzou realizing they've qualified to nationals.
Mizzou finds out they just qualified to NCAA Championships. Photo:@MizzouGym



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Live Show

  • Jessica, Spencer, and the 1997 U.S. national all-around champion VANESSA ATLER will recap the 2022 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championship Semifinals and take your questions live. Join the GymCastic Crew at the Rose Marine Theater on Friday, April 15. The show will begin at 7:00 p.m. (CDT) with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. (CDT). TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW.

Regionals Headlines

  • LSU was eliminated in the regional semifinals. What happened there?
  • The OOB that wasn’t. Or was it? We break down the controversial finish between Missouri and UCLA
  • Stanford delivered in the most exciting semifinal of the weekend
  • Florida recorded the third-highest score in history, and Trinity got 8500 tens. Can she beat Maggie and Kyla?

Elite News

  • We got timely results (!) from the US women’s Jesolo selection camp. We discuss the impending era of New Shilese, Zoe Miller’s bars D, and what the Jesolo teams would have been if the highest-scoring team were selected

Regionals Deep Dive

  • NC State: LSU’s moments to be proud of, what was up with the Michigan lineups, Iowa peaking at the right time, UCLA’s leos, and the cardio award for regionals
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma’s vault lineup finally arrived, Carly Woodard’s magical beam save, vault difficulty making the difference, the travesty of not having any Cal gymnasts at nationals, Arkansas figured out bars when it counted, and Arizona is a beam team
  • Auburn: Kentucky outscored Auburn in the semifinal in Auburn, that time Suni hit her foot on the low bar, Denver’s valiant effort, and the importance of ninja L10s
  • Washington: That time Utah was in last place after floor, this Michigan State season, injury evaluation periods, and individual qualifiers making it for the wrong event
  • Plus, pouring one out for the individuals who should be at nationals but won’t


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Amanda Arrington
Amanda Arrington
2 years ago

Love you see what we do, Joscelyn “RAH-BER-SUN”, should be getting some international opportunities to compete! Fingers crossed we start getting to see her shine!

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