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DU season tickets
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DU season tickets

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(I posted this on Reddit too, if you're on there)

Anyone in the Denver area interested in getting a group together for DU home meets? Season tickets just went on sale. Hoping to find a like-minded group to hang with at meets! I'm a millennial, so just FYI if you're a young 'un. 

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Hey! Just saw this, sorry it's a while after you posted. My family and I are definitely going to get season tickets this year. I'm a woman in my 30s and I'll get them with my husband and 2 kids ages 6 and 7. Sounds like we aren't in your age demographic but I'd be glad to meet at least once so you can have a friendly face at home meets!

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I'm also a millennial (barely) in Denver- I want to take my kids- 6 & 4.  I don't think we're quite ready for season tickets, but will buy tickets to at least one meet so I can see if they like it and will sit through it.  Which meet do you think would be the best to buy tickets for?