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Michigan's Win... Let's Discuss

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What are your thoughts on today's Final?!

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After watching the ABC broadcast it will be even harder to watch a NBC competition knowing what we could have.  I think I saw more gymnastics in 2 rotations of ABC, than I see in 4 rotations on NBC. As someone, who doesn't know the names of skills, I also really appreciated the commentary.  I should mention that I am the one who asked how to watch college gymnastics with a 3 year old and no cable and have to admit that I wasn't too successful this season but made progress, thanks to BBS (loved the GIFs) and feel better prepared for next season. And thanks to my kid's flare up in allergies, he fell asleep 5 minutes before the competition and he RARELY naps. I got an hour of peace and quiet before him asking "is that Florida?"(the team he chose) every 2 minutes. All well, at least he watched it.




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As a lifelong Michigan fan-- I loved every single part of this 😍 I tried to be a gymnastics fan first, so I watched the ABC broadcast instead of the event stream, but then I got mad I wasn't seeing enough of my team. It was decently balanced though, and I truly believe the right team won in the end!! Also I started crying when Heisky landed her dismount, and didn't stop until the broadcast was over (and cried again when it was re-aired last night!) 


It was fully the velvet leos for me!