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Podcast Schedule for March 2023

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We normally record our regular show on Mondays and publish the episode on Monday night. BTS shows (for club members) are recorded live on Fridays and will be up in the feeds shortly after the show concludes.


March 03: College & Cocktails - after Florida v Oklahoma 7:30-ish PST (live)

March 06: GymCastic

March 10: College & Cocktails - after Michigan v Georgia 6:00-ish PST (live)

March 13: GymCastic

March 18: College & Cocktails - after final sessions of SEC and Pac-12 Championships 7:00-ish PST (live)

March 20: GymCastic

March 24: College & Cocktails - noon PDT (live)

March 27: GymCastic

April 01: College & Cocktails - 1:30-ish PDT (live) with Olivia Karas and Scott Bregman.