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Who Should GymCastic Interview?

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We do this podcast for you and so we want to know who would you like us to interview? Please remember that we have 10+ years of archives so some people we might have already interviewed in the past (please do a quick search before replying), but that doesn't mean we won't interview them again--we just want to make sure we cover new terrain. Looking forward to your thoughts! 

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Deborah White
Spencer's Eye Roll
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Kerri Strug

Chainey Umphrey - why didn’t he get to do high bar or vault at the 96 Olympics? (This information may be out there I just don’t know it)

Lili Leung

Laurie Hernandez

Heath Thorpe

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I'd love to hear an interview with Rebecca Bross. I saw her devastating meltdown at trials live and it was absolutely heartbreaking to watch. We've all speculated for years about what was going on and I'd love to hear what she has to say about the situation. Thanks!

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Kensley's Document Binder
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Bartolini, Ferrari, Mohini and actually anyone from the era around the transition from the perfect 10 would be interesting.

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Spencer's Eye Roll
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I'd love an interview with Kathy Johnson about her proposed NCAA code of points. The Inside Gymnastics article was interesting but as Spencer said on the pod, there are some points which are confusing in print format. I think an interview with back and forth conversation might help to provide context and clear up the confusion. 

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The Shapiro sisters. I find them both fascinating and have some questions for both.

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Jessica's Wheezegiggle
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Amelia Hundley and Lexie Priessman

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