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141: Listener Feedback Show


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This week it’s an all-listener feedback show. An entire episode dedicated to you, our dear listeners. Uncle Tim, Spanny and Jessica chat about:

  • Nastia giving good face on Dancing With The Stars
  • Why Nastia said she has never taken a ballet class.
  • Who are the best freshman in NCAA this year
  • Why were Tory Wilson and Bridgette Caquatto given mathematically impossible scores last week?
  • How many economically disadvantaged gymnasts have made it to the top in elite?
  • Why do we have such crazy gymnastics dreams, and we share some of our own.
  • Rule Change! When a gymnast has more than one eponymous skill, should she be able to give her subsequent skills the name of her choice?
  • Cheerleading friend or foe?
  • Jingoistic music, is it only advantageous to the home competitor?
  • E-Score home judging for all?

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Someone please find overdubbed or English subtitled copies of Ginnaste – Vite Parallele on MTV Italy.

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