184: Chow Loves Bush

Feb 3, 2016 | GymCastic, Podcast



Remember this show is rated PG 13!


In the gymternet news, Uncle Tim, Lauren Hopkins, Spanny Tampson and Jessica chat about:

  • The Bronze trailer got even raunchier and we can’t wait for this movie to come out!
  • Mustafina’s bad joke: a photo of her holding a gun to her head
  • Liang Chow posting photo of himself and his gymnasts holding Jeb Bush signs
  • American Cup roster updates and why Jesolo is becoming the greatest meet ever. 
  • Our sadness of the lack of camp news.
  • Lauren’s profile on 26 year-old Armenian-American, Houry Gebeshian who could be the first female gymnast ever in the Olympics for Armenia.
  • (30:00)What kind of themed gymnastics video what Mr Moceanu (Dr. Mike Canales) should do for his 40th birthday with his wife, Dominique Moceanu.
  • What gymnastics spin is greater than the Temple women’s team who turned getting stuck in a blizzard for 30 hours into a team building event.
  • (00:46:00)Feedback from Angela who thought our discussion of transgender athletes was uninformed, to say the least.
  • (01:03:00)NCAA NEWS:
    • Why we love Elizabeth (Ebee) Price
    • An update on Katelyn Ohashi who, after x-rays came back negative, was revealed to have  a fractured sternum after a CT Scan on Wednesday.
    • Is the Michigan men’s dynasty over?
    • Some of the Florida 10’s made us squeal with joy, like Bridget’s beam, other’s were questionable.
    • Why Aja Sims got 700 million Spanny points. 
    • The best comeback skill of 2016: hint, Boguinskaya and Nastia argued about it at length.
    • Why UW is the team we should all be watching.
    • The most heartbreaking meet we’ve ever watched: Auburn vs. Arkansas.


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