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182: Triumvirate of Glory

sexy male gymnasts in speedos in brazil
Paul Ruggeri, Steve Legendre, Brandon Wynn, Donell Whittenburg, Sam Mikulak, Danell Leyva, Alex Naddour and Jake Dalton (L-R) at training camp in Rio.


In the News

In the news, Jessica, Spanny Tampson, and Lauren Hopkins chat about:

  • The most important innovator on vault of all time, Natalia Yurchenko gave a fantastiinterview  which made us wonder if more cultural context is needed when commentary is given about the Russian gymnast’s sideline 
  • Who we are most excited to see at the American Cup and why Mai Murakami is going to win floor according to Jessica. 
  • NCAA (19:00)
    • Why aren’t there more head coaches of color in the NCAA? 
    • Heroes of the week: Alex Marks (OU), Kennedy Baker (FL), Mikaela Gerber (UCLA) 
    • The Yurchenko 1.5 situation
    • Can someone interpret Charity Jones (OU) floor routine for us? 
    • Which team we’d buy a workout video from because their conditioning is insane!
  • Gymternet News (49:00)
    • Afanasyeva has ankle treatment in Munich
    • Why do all the Russians have to go to Germany for medical care? 
    • Nica Hults got a 10 on beam while Simone Biles cheered like crazy and Chusovitina intimidated the judges at the Texas Prime meet. 
    • The US men wore culturally appropriate bathing suits on their trip to Rio, and shocker, the world responded with joy!
    • Where we’d send the US women for international training camps like the men have. 


What: One lucky listener will have their very own unique skill or routine written into book two of the Lauren Hopkins 2016 trilogy.

How: Tag us in your routine (5 skills) or skill invention with #2016trilogy on our Facebook page or Twitter. For example, “1.5 twisting Shapahnikova catch in reverse grip to immediate Geiger @GymCastic #2016Trilogy”

Prize:  A copy of Lauren’s book, “Finding Our Balance”

Deadline: Enter by midnight on Sunday, Jan 24th



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Elizabeth Booth
Elizabeth Booth
8 years ago

There is a world class sports medicine clinic in Munich – that\’s why the Russian team go there. Russia also sends its rhythmic gymnasts there and I have seen professional footballers from all over the world attend this clinic. Chusovitina is another gymnast who has used their services. There is a clinician who specialises in ACL rehab but they are just about the best in Europe for sports medicine.

Just as a note for accuracy, Natalia Yurchenko wrote the responses to my questions in English – her English is extremely good, and she is very articulate.

8 years ago

Talia Chiarelli’s dad is now the GM of the Edmonton Oilers lol

8 years ago

From all the articles, books and research I\’ve read, the Russian health system is notoriously in a state of crisis. Many bribes required for basic medical care, lack of quality supplies, lack of funding, doctor\’s who are paid next to nothing and overworked (hence bribes), government denial of health crisis (and resulting lack of increased funding), banning of drugs and treatments widely used in the developed world, etc. I could go on, but it\’s a myriad of issues. A clear example of this is the HIV and AIDS crisis Russia faces, which is reaching into the millions and putting the population size of the country at severe risk. I know this sounds political, but it\’s all well documented, if censored by the Russian government. If I were the Rods and needed my gymnasts healthy, I would send them abroad as well. There would be little reason to believe they would get the medical treatment at the level they needed in Russia.

8 years ago

I think Charity Jones FX is meant to reenact an amputee that who recently had her legs from the knees down reattached.

8 years ago

Hey Gymcastic. Loving all the NCAA coverage so far this season! Just a few corrections from today’s episode:
– Talia’s dad is actually the GM for the Edmonton Oilers now
– The “race car” floor routine was Abby Stack’s from Georgia

Also I would love if you guys could spend some time talking about the teams that have made the most progress in the past 5ish years and highlight some more unknown NCAA gymnasts.
Keep up the great podcast! It’s the only thing that makes my Wednesday’s okay.

8 years ago

Who is the lady speaker who says \”like\” 3xs per sentence? Love the convo but hard to listen to that. I hope a speech class is in the works!

8 years ago

*Mikaela Gerber 🙂
As someone who hates having her name misspelled, I feel like I need to advocate for others!

Nick Mann
Nick Mann
8 years ago

It’s worth noting that Natalia Yurchenko did not win the Alternate Olympics…Olga Mostepanova did. I feel like she would have won the 1984 Olympics had she competed…or come close, as I am a Mary Lou fan ;).

8 years ago

(Note – I know nothing about Charity Jones except for seeing her a few years ago in the Nastia Cup)
I feel like she is probably the really goofy girl on the team. I’m sure these moves are hilarious during practice and lighten the mood during hard work outs. I think she thought it would be so funny to dance like the goof she is during her floor routine and when she brought the idea up all her teammates told her it would be awesome – like a funny inside joke taken from the gym to the meet.. What is not awesome? A couch should have stepped in and said “absolutely not”.
My two cents.
Keep up the great work!

Elizabeth Booth
Elizabeth Booth
8 years ago

Re – the Russian health service. This article puts things in perspective.

Put simply, if you do not have private health insurance or if you do live anywhere except for the best developed parts of the country, Russian healthcare is fairly atrocious. However, if you do have money and, therefore, access to specialist care, it’s OK.

The article doesn’t say anything about the provision of sports medicine as opposed to general care and of course these are two different matters. I think that given the importance of health care to their athletes, the gymnasts probably do receive good care in Russia – it is just that the specialist care of the German clinic is that much better as they are real specialists.

Even so, Mustafina has recently preferred to remain in Russia for treatment.

The article also has interesting things to say about other healthcare systems around the world. It is important to remember that Russia is still a developing economy. Some parts of this vast country could be considered third world.

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