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194: Rio Test Event and 2016 NCAA Championships

Flávia Lopes Saraiva nina mcgee
Flávia Saraiva of Brazil (left, photo by FIG) and Nina McGee University of Denver (right, photo byChristy Linder)


In the News

In the news, Uncle Tim, Lauren Hopkins, Spencer, and Jessica chat about:

  • Recap of the Olympic Test Event in Rio; the final Olympic qualifier! (2:00)
  • Trinidad and Tobago team drama once again. Thema Williams was pulled at the last minute and replaced by Marissa Dick, but this time Thema’s coach, John Geddart, may be to blame.  Read his leaked emails here. (34:15)
  • What does Rio need to fix before the gymnasts arrive for the Olympics in August; the list is long. (50:03)
  • 2016 NCAA Gymnastics Championships recap (1:05:00)
    • Men’s NCAA Championships highlights (1:44:45)


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include:

  • Penn State has zero gymnasts in its senior class. We discuss The Daily Collegian’s expose alleging abuse by coaches Jeff and Rachelle Thompson.  (1:58:00)
  • Louis Smith apologizes for complaining about scoring. 
  • Russia says the women’s team stopped taking Meldonium a long time ago because it didn’t have the desired results. 
  • Shawn Johnson got married. 
  • We are obsessed with this Spanish gymnastics promo video.

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8 years ago

Yah Haters! Not here for the Ponor laughing. It wasn\’t that funny. I was more worried about a possible injury. And the fact yall dont even know what she was attempting and why when the information is out there. Yeah GIRL BYE! * LAUGHS UNCONTROLLABLE WHEN ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY.

8 years ago
Reply to  D

I completely agree. It seems a bit hypocritical to me that Jess is so overly worried about concussions but she\’ll laugh at a gymnast landing sideways on a vault when we all know what can happen if you\’re twisting into the mat. And one more thing, coming from someone who has torn their meniscus those injuries are NOT little. They can be if you\’re lucky (which hopefully Maggie is), but they can also cause excruciating pain as your knee bones scrape against each other without the normal cushioning provided by that cartilage. I had the second type and it took me about 5 months before I could train even lightly. So just check your facts before you dismiss injuries as minor please.

8 years ago
Reply to  Anon

Yes~ I also side eyed when they were saying ” Oh not a big deal she will be fine ‘ in regards to Maggie. She may be able to compete again in time, but I seriously doubt she will have her amanar I don’t see her having any major upgrades as a result of her injury, which will lower her overall d score to be of any value to the u.s team. And Marta is all about what you are bringing to the team d score potential, who can help the team 3 up 3 count etc. So all in all it’s a big deal. We shall see how it plays out, how she looks, and actually what she decides to perform out there. I know Bridge Sloan had the same thing happen in March 2008, and she was still performing well. We shall see. But Maggie needed that amanar for her d score. She has no real stand out events. Again we shall see.

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