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2023 World Championships Preview!


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World Championships!

    • It’s happening. Competition starts on the 30th, and we’re here with our mega-preview of everything we’re excited about
    • Top 10 Things to Watch: We’re counting down the top 10 storylines heading into worlds, including Simone’s quest for history, the Women In Their 30s revolution, the United Nationals Summit on Amazing Bars, the best tricky boys, and all the shrinking Ds
    • Olympic Qualification Test: Spencer puts Jessica’s rule-retention skills to the test with a quiz on how athletes qualify to the Olympics from this competition
    • Women’s Finals: Who are the top medal contenders, who are the most exciting performers, and who are the potential disruptors for event finals?
    • Our Coverage From Worlds:
      • Podcast coverage at Worlds starts on Thursday Sept 28th after the first day of women’s podium training and will include a total of 10 podcasts from the competition
      • We’ll have tons of videos coming your way from podium training – top routines, interviews, asking the questions no one else will
      • Check out our Antwerp Worlds Headquarters for all the info you need


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