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2024 U.S. Classic Meet Recap

Simone Biles won her gazilianth U.S. Classic while competing alongside fellow Olympic all-around Champions: Suni Lee and Gabby Douglas. Jessica is joined by special guest, filing in for Spencer (who is back home!), is Paris 2024 gymnastics coordinator, Olympic and World Championships finalist, assistant coach of Brooklyn Moors, Denis Vachon. We discussed:

3:06 Denis talks about Paris Olympic preparations
5:02 Simone Biles told anyone attacking her family to “F*ck off”
9:45 Gymnasts on private jets marks a new era
10:56 What happened when photographer had their flash on as Simone did her triple double
13:11 Hypothetical rank all-around Olympic team if Classic was Trials
20:16 Signs of overtraining
23:06 Equipment was not the Olympic equipment
26:14 GymCastic live show and podcast schedule
29:41 Why Laurent is no longer standing in for Simone’s double pike vault
32:04 Side by side example of Simone Biles’ superior vault technique
33:53 Konnor McClain’s third place beam without a dismount and injury
36:19 Gabby Douglas excellent podium training, status and petition options after scratching post-bars
43:29 Are USAG rules discouraging all around
46:58 Rules update from Alicia Sacramone
49:43 How Denis handled athletes witnessing injuries during competition
55:26 Shilese Jones’ monster bars score, where it ranks for Olympic gold potential and why the construction is wise
1:01:06 Reining Olympic Champion, Suni Lee, adding floor and winning beam with an easy dismount
1:07:08 Questions about routine construction vs limited skill options
1:23:20 Highest Scoring Team Machine from Emily Giambalvo at the Washington Post
Kaliya Lincoln tying for second with Shilese on floor
Why Tiana Sumanasekera and Dulcy Caylor impressed
1:26:27 Artistry Champions of the meet: Gabby Douglas, Nola Mathews, Simone Rose and Tyler Turner
1:29:02 Opportunities for Comedy presented by Adrian, Norah and Kieryn
1:37:12 Simone Rose and Jayla Hang on the extreme conditions they trained under in Colombia
1:42:39 Jordan Chiles on getting angry as motivation
1:46:00 Gymternet News
Jade Carey, Leanne Wong, Kayla DiCello, Trinity Thomas and the battle to round out the highest scoring team


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Wendy E Mercer
Gym Nerd
1 month ago

Jessica! 10/10 on your comments on swimming. That’s almost exactly the same thing I tell my nieces and nephews. YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO SWIM, NON NEGOTIABLE. Agreed 100%. Great episode!!!

Jennifer Stamm
Gym Nerd
1 month ago

I love all of the different people you are having on the show. I really enjoyed hearing Denis and his thoughts and feedback. But Jess and Spencer will always have my heart. Best duo ever ❤️

Alana Beadell
Gym Nerd
1 month ago

I love Denis! Thank you!

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