363: Five Is the New Four (…Is the New Five)

May 14, 2019 | GymCastic, Podcast




  • Dumpster fire news 
    • It has been yet another terrible month for USAG (a theme???)
    • The Li Li Today interview disaster
    • The further mess of the botched hiring of Edward Nyman
      • Whose side are we on here? And is it no one’s? (It’s no one’s)
      • A deep dive into the unprofessional incompetence of everyone ever
    • Seriously Terin? The Terin Humphrey Facebook nonsense.
    • The disastrous, unacceptable debacle that was Mary Lou’s latest TV appearance
  • NCAA Coaching Musical Chairs (41:20)
    • Jordyn Wieber is the new head coach at Arkansas
      • What do we think of this move? Is 23 too young to be a head coach? And most importantly, should Chris Brooks be her assistant?
    • Chris Waller has been named head coach at UCLA
      • What does a successful Chris Waller tenure look like? We discuss both results and bras. Guess who brought up which topic.
    • More from the NCAA coaching carousel, including all the changes at Utah
  • Olympic and World Championship news  (55:30)
    • Olympic teams are returning to FIVE (count ’em five) members in 2024. We have extensive thoughts and further proposals, some of them radical
    • World championships will cap the number of competitors and introduce a qualification process starting in 2022.
    • There are really strict leotard rules for team and individual competitors in 2020 for some reason.
    • DRAH-MAAAAAA in the awarding of 2023 worlds. It involves taking people to court over a lack of numerical specificity in deadlines. Spencer is in heaven.
    • Important robot judging news.
  • PLUS
    • At the Heart of Gold is now available on HBO. Jessica tells us about the premiere, and we discuss overall thoughts and play “what we’ve learned since.”
    • Olympic. Channel. Svetlana. Khorkina. Documentary.
    • New recruiting rules in NCAA (finally!)
    • Diego Hypolito comes out
    • Jordan Schwikert, Alyssa Baumann, and Tasha Schwikert have testified in TX about a MeToo bill
    • Simone does her second SI Swimsuit Shoot, and Jessica explains to Spencer why it actually matters
  • Chinese Nationals!!! (1:36:32)
    • Tingting is the national AA champion and UB champion—and is also brilliantly Netherlands-ing the crap out of floor
    • The craziness of event finals, where Fan Yilin missed on bars, everybody fell on beam, and Zhang Jin had the most sad-larious floor leap miss-save in history.
    • SHANG CHUNSONG won the floor title, but the true winner was her shirt
    • World tumbling champion Jia Fangfang has made huge strides on floor
    • We have three new perfect junior obsessions: Ou Yushan, Luo Rui, and Guan Chenchen, who is a silly little goose who is dancing constantly
    • Plus, the most perfect PBars routine ever.



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Japan's Hatakeda Hitomi withdraws from women's all-around final at gymnastics worlds after suffering spinal injury https://buff.ly/3m0qQco