373: Nabieva Returns and Morgan Hurd Special Announcement

Jul 9, 2019 | GymCastic, Podcast

Morgan Hurd stars in All Around series interview gymcastic

World Champion, Morgan Hurd, to star in documentary series called “All Around” on the Olympic Channel.



To start things off this week, we are joined by a little someone you might have heard of named Morgan Hurd, who has a special announcement about an exciting new project she’s been working on. The sound you hear from coast-to-coast is Jessica screaming (literally). Then Scott Bregman chats with us about how this project came to be and all the deets you need to know.

What is it?

“All Around” launches on Tuesday, 6 August with new episodes each month for the next year. 

Where can I watch?

“All Around” can be watched on the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Channel which is available worldwide at olympicchannel.com, its mobile apps and on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon and Android TV. It is subscription-free so you do not need a television subscription.

In addition to the online episodes, we will be creating and posting exclusive content such as diaries and personal photos on social media in between episodes.

What about TV?

In the United States, episodes will be available on the cable network “Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA” in 2020.


  • NAAABBBBSS. Nabs Nabs Nabs. Nabs.
  • Did we mention Nabieva is back?
  • Spencer breaks down her every move like a stalker, including the amazing (medaling on everything she did), the neutral deduction on bars because Nabieva, the slow-motion replay of her beam scratch, the muttering magical spells for 7 hours, and the high-five she intercepted because it was probably for her
  • Do we celebrate when other athletes make mistakes? A gymnastics etiquette controversy
  • Cause of death: Lilia Akhaimova
  • Plus, UNACCEPTABLE shushing and springboard use and PBars inquiry drama


  • News on who qualified, what happened to Donnell Whittenburg, the dumb-ass points system, and Sam Mikulak’s high bar upgrade
  • A special vicarious rage-0-meter from Kensley about coverage of US men’s gymnastics
  • Should the national governing body have to give equal time to all its disciplines, or should it follow the audience size? 


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