387: World Championships Preview Special

Sep 24, 2019 | GymCastic, Podcast



US World Team Trials 

You can rewatch (or just watch) the replay streams on USAG’s Youtube

  • The US worlds team has been announced!
  • Jessica tries to make Spencer start with positives. It barely works.
  • Spencer’s Rage-O-Meter about uneven floor carpets, Microsoft Excel, and small sample sizes
  • Why there’s a disconnect between the team selection and the written selection procedures
  • Riley McCusker withdrew from camp with mild rhabdomyalasis – what we know, and what we don’t
  • Breaking down the major performances from camp that earned worlds tickets
  • Why doesn’t Faith Torrez have an FIG license?

World Championships Preview

  • Women’s storylines
    • Is a team upset coming? We talk France and Italy
    • Last-minute Russian team changes (of course)
    • All-around medal possibilities for Melanie and Ellie
    • Olympic qualification implications
    • Breakout star nominees Li Shijia and Giorgia Villa
    • Why bars and beam will be amazing and vault will be better than usual
    • Jessica’s feelings storylines
  • Men’s storylines
    • What’s the same and what’s different from 2018?
    • Kensley previews the bubble teams, the likely contenders for the all-around, the best event finals (pommel horse is one of them, just deal), and who can take advantage of the absences of Kenzo and Kohei for medals.
  • Plus, Simone Medal Watch Count and your feedback


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