383: Russians and Investigations

Aug 27, 2019 | GymCastic, Podcast




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This week, we’re discussing Russians and investigations (but not Russia investigations) as the USAG dumpster fire and Russian Cup dominate the headlines.

  • Maggie Haney, coach of Laurie Hernandez and Riley McCusker, is under investigation for allegations of verbal and emotional abuse and pressuring athletes to compete while injured.
  • Anna Li denied wrongdoing and came out as a survivor as well. We discuss that timing.
    • According to new reporting, USAG has been aware of allegations against Anna Li and Wu Jiani since at least 2017. At nationals, Li Li Leung said they first learned of allegations in July of this year.
  • Aliya Mustafina is out of worlds. Cancel it. 
  • Jade Carey is training a triple double (and there was a broke-ass article about it that we discuss) 
  • The qualification system for worlds in 2021-2023 is now official
  • The FIG has approved the raising of the uneven bars by 5cm next quad. Is this a big deal? 
  • Junior worlds is officially a thing
  • The French team went to WCC again for world peace
  • GoFundMes for the Jamaican National Team, Marta Pihan-Kulesza and Roman Kulesza, and one we’re not going to link to. 
  • The latest on robot judging at 2019 worlds
  • Moving on from elite news: Juliette Bossu, Agnes Suto-Tuuha, and Alyona Shchennikova
  • Read of the week: When athletes kneel, the rotten U.S. Olympic regime has no moral standing to object. A great column by Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post.
  • Um…the Aurora Games


  • Mustafina and Nabieva didn’t compete but it was still a meet somehow
  • Vladislava Urazbova is the queen of queens and everyone is dying about her triple Y
  • Gerasimova is another junior heiress (and had a hilarious wolf turn too)
  • Melnikova is doing fine (no matter what Valentina says), Lilia Akhaimova is the star Russia needs, what is up with Maria Paseka, the Daria Spridonova renaissance, and worries that Simakova is going to get Seda-ed.
  • Maria Kharenkova will compete for Georgia!
  • Nikita Nagornyy is the champion of men and love, and other things about dudes


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Japan's Hatakeda Hitomi withdraws from women's all-around final at gymnastics worlds after suffering spinal injury https://buff.ly/3m0qQco