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Tennessee Tipping Point: College Season Week 3


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 News Updates

  • Jessica spams us with something about Simone and Taylor Swift and the sportsballs, but then we discuss new training videos of Gabby Douglas and Suni Lee (!), the US elite committee’s new “no foreigns” rule, a documentary crew at camp, and Aly Raisman’s commentary debut.

College Season—Week 3

  • All 7 teams that competed in Tennessee this weekend scored a program record, some by a point and most by more than a fall. It’s giving Spencer medical programs but giving Jessica intense revolution vibes in a new segment: Corrupt or Genius
  • The 10s: Which of the 10.000s scored this week do we believe was the 10-iest?
  • The most surprising rankings through three weeks of the season, as we discuss what’s going on with UCLA, Florida, Michigan, Cal, and Arkansas
  • Clemson leotards: Ranked 1st for controversy
  • Stray crutches, furries, body rolls, and wedgie picks star in this week’s opportunities for comedy
  • Bailey Bunn produced an important addition to the pantheon of amazing beam saves this week. We discuss where it ranks on the all-time list

Elite and Gymternet News

  • Brody Malone returned to competition, Amelie Morgan and Charlotte Booth are on the list for English Championships, details about Konnor McClain’s injuries, and JUSTICE FOR COURTNEY MCGREGOR.
  • Plus, the ABC college gymnastics viewership record, Maggie Nichols’ book release, an update on robot judges, a pants-off rings-off moment, and FINALLY an answer to why gymnasts are so clumsy

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4 months ago

Can we get some actual news and insite instead of just repeating what everyone else can also see on Instagram??

like TRULY behind the scenes of training, coach interviews, vlogs from athletes, I mean the possibilities are endless. Let’s go folks. Maybe some people are worried about Jessica persecuting them like she’s the singular gymnastics law enforcement for the globe.

4 months ago

I may have missed this but when is college and cocktails this week?

4 months ago
Reply to  Meredith

Hi Meredith, College & Cocktails is Friday night 7:00 PT (January 26th) – we’re watching Denver vs. Oklahoma and Alabama vs. Florida

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