Tokyo Olympics Recap

Aug 24, 2021 | GymCastic, Podcast

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    • BREAKING NEWS:  Uncle Tim PhD has a new website gymnastics-history where he uncovered the truth about Petrik and Caslavska score change controversy. ‘”Soviet Larisa Petrik’s preliminary scores were mysteriously upgraded, enabling her to tie Věra Čáslavská for the gold medal on floor.” Well, the story is more complicated, and the sinister undertones aren’t true. The judging scandal is a myth. Plain and simple.”
    • BEST OF: Our best moments of the Tokyo Olympics, from Suni Lee’s all-around title, to Vanessa Ferrari finally getting her medal, to Nagornyy trying to crawl inside a wall, to unbroken ties, and more
    • Simone and the Twisties: Reflecting on how it played out, how the media narrative evolved, and what would have happened if this were 2016
    • Biggest Surprises: Including the Russian women winning the team final (and what the US program needs to learn from this) and Dalaloyan still being a live person
    • The Controversies: Because it wouldn’t be an Olympics without them. No one-touch, the demon springboard, salute deductions, and the men’s floor tie
    • All the things that happened but we’re going to pretend didn’t happen
    • Does this signal the end of the era of US women’s dominance?
    • Does this signal the beginning of an era of Russian dominance?
    • What will be the ultimate legacy of the Tokyo Olympics?




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Simone Biles was in the most tweets of any U.S. Olympian in Tokyo Games | Pew Research Center