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103: Ranch Classic & Sports Acro World Championships

Ariana Agrapides
MG Elite’s Ariana Agrapides being carried on a lectica.


In the News

In the news, Uncle Tim, Evan, and Jessica chat about:

    • Jazmyn Foberg, Rachel Baumann, Ariana Agrapides, Gabby Perea
    • Should athletes accept endorsement deals before they have become champions?
    • The Gabby Douglas update video from USA Gymnastics
    • Sports Acro World Championships in Paris
    • Is Kim Jacob up to the standard of past Honda award winners?
    • Why doesn’t the US send an artistic female gymnast to the Youth Olympic Games?
    • Vanessa Atler interview, she’s come a long way!
    • Insane Skill Alerts from Max Whitlock, Eddie Penev and Mai Murakami
    • Listener questions about England vs. Great Britan, men’s age limits and more
    • Wildlife in the gym: rats, June bugs, joey’s and pigeons.

Gymcastic podcast book club

We are very excited to announce that Louis will be our very first GymCastic Book Club guest in August.

What: Read the book and submit questions about it for Louis.

How: Buy the book here, send your questions to us at  gymcastic @ or leave a voicemail on Skype at username “GymCastic Podcast” or by dialing (415) 800-3191.

When: Submit your questions by the first week in August and we’ll ask Louis when he’s on the show in August.

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Nico RRG
Nico RRG
9 years ago

I wanted to correct you guys on MAG age limits. Senior male gymnasts have to be 18, which is a change since London. Last year, however, they allowed a temporary transition period for 17-year-olds, so guys like Kenzo Shirai were able to compete at Antwerp Worlds. But they have to turn 18 on the calendar year now.

9 years ago

I’ve heard a lot of things about the Gabby thing… I don’t know if they’re all true but I’d just think we should wait for either ‘official’ news or see whether she’s actually gonna be competing at Classics (doubt it) or Nationals… I don’t know, I have a bad feeling about it.
Aliya’s foot has been fixed! It was fixed early June and she’s already back to full training. They just had to clean the joint. She won’t be competing at Russian Cup but I assume she’ll be back full strength for Worlds!

Thank you for answering my questions!!! It cleared up a lot 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Alyssia

She had always said she was never going to compete Classics. Her and Chow felt she wouldn’t have enough time to master all 4 apparatuses consistently. Nationals was the goal, so we’ll see. But it was her mother that had a problem with Chow’s, not Gabby.

The English choose to be a whole when it benefits them. They are England at the world cup, GB at the Olympics and the UK in the United Nations or whatever. They take the credit for success when they can achieve it on their own and when they can’t, you can bet it’s a “team effort.” But I leave the politics aside when I see a nation as talented as Team GB in Acro and MAG (where i love them to death) because politics should not dirty my beloved sport. Indeed, GB is my fave acro mixed pair!

9 years ago

My suggestion for who would win the 2000 AA if the competition were to be held today is LISA FREAKING MASON. OMG that woman is a beast. However, I also feel like if it were announced that say in a year that a “re-do” competition were to happen that Khorkina AND Raducan would get their shit together and possibly be in better shape than in 2000 itself. This is all because they were both screwed over so badly during the actual competition (for Khorkina) and during what happened in the days and years after (for Raducan.) All of this is just in my opinion, of course!!!!

The True Queen
The True Queen
9 years ago

Though she only qualified in 45th place in Sydney, I think Chuso would have the best shot at winning the 2000 AA if it were held today ;).

7 years ago


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