98: Eddie Penev the Bulgarian-American Bullet

Jun 11, 2014 | GymCastic, Interviews, Podcast

Eddie Penev Vault twisting 2010 Worlds

Eddie Penev competing for Bulgaria at the 2010 World Championships in Rotterdam.


This Week's Interview

The US is lucky enough to have a World floor finalist, Stanford alum and Nissan-Emery winner Eddie Penev back on their team. With dual-citizenship, he used to compete for Bulgaria but now he’s alllll ours again.  He just won floor and vault at Anadia and has basically has every skill in the book on floor. This week he chats with Blythe and Jessica. We discuss:

  • Why he switched from Bulgaria to the United States even though the US is so much more competitive, and harder for him to make a World team.
  • What he learned from teammate Jordan Jovtchev.
  • Standardizing equipment for international competitions.
  • The current state of Bulgarian gymnastics.
  • The biggest party animals and goofballs on the US men’s team.
  • Growing up in New York with gymnastics parents.
  • How he can help the US with our pommel horse deficit.
  • Presentation and artistry work at US training camps.

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