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110: 2014 US Championship Preview Show

2014 P&G Gymnastics Championships live schedule


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This week Jessica, Uncle Tim and Evan Heiter preview the 2014 P&G Championships:

  • Since Evan will be doing commentary for the preliminary competitions live broadcasts, we try to come up with new descriptions for commonly used commentary-isms!
  • We predict the winners, dark horses on each event and the all-around for the women’s junior and senior field.
  • Jessica and Evan argue about who will steal the junior show: Deanne Soza, Jordan Chiles, Nia Dennis or Norah “Lord of the Beam” Flatley.
  • A listener implores us to examine the rare and uncommon bar routine of Miss Lexy Ramler.
  • Why Rachel Baumann’s tumbling is comparable to Beyonce, and Rachel Gowey is the Laurie Hernandez of this year’s floor joy.
  • Our sentimental favorites, the kids who may not medal but we can’t wait to watch: Morgan Hurd, Lauren Navarro, Emily Gaskins, Amelia Hundley.
  • The infamous ants-in-your-pants choreography for Gabi Gheorghiu that Marta Karolyi did. 
  • We give advice about managing body image when starting adult gymnastics, celebrate our listener-scientists, and find out about all of the “country gymnastics” that our listeners do!

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9 years ago

There is something about Lexi Ramler’s bar routine that screams NCAA tome. I have no clue what though… Maybe in a few years we will see her lighting up that scene?

9 years ago

did you guys forget that MAG will be competing?!

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