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109: The Tumble Podcast

the tumble podcast
The official unofficial podcast of BBC One’s new show, Tumble.


This week Jessica and Emma chat about BBC One’s brand new show, Tumble:

  • The alleged romance between world champion, Kristin Allen and the Teen Wolf,  Bobby Lockwood.
  • Emma watched the show live and gives us all the details from inside the studio.
  • Craig Heap dissing Louis Smith!
  • Lucy Mecklenburgh vs. John Patridge — ummm, yeah.
  • Hater reviews and if they are valid or not.
  • Background on the gymnastics and acrobatic stars featured on the show.
  • The 60 and 50 year-old celebrities who are learning adult gymnastics.
  • How to find an adult gymnastics program near you!
  • Natalia Ilienko, the 1981 Floor Exercise World Champion, coaching Sarah Harding.
  • If this is the best thing that ever happened to gymnastics or not. Hint, it is!




Louis will be our very first GymCastic Book Club guest in August.

What: Read the book and submit questions about it for Louis.

How: Buy the book here, send your questions to us at  gymcastic @ or leave a voicemail on Skype at username “GymCastic Podcast” or by dialing (415) 800-3191.

When: Submit your questions and we’ll ask Louis when he’s on the show in August.

 Gymcastic podcast book club

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If you are outside of the UK and want to watch Tumble on BBC One, you can use here or FreeTVCafe.nehere.  Use at your own risk. There are a ton of play buttons that will automatically download crap onto your computer. Be extremely careful not to click on an advertisement. Less risky is using a VPN like Zenmate or GetUsVPN

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9 years ago

Jess – I wish I had known you were so interested in the urinalysis procedures when we met at NCAAs! My husband was (not by choice) the UPL for his unit a few years ago. UPL in the army is the “Unit Prevention Leader” which basically means he had to watch all his friends pee in a cup for drug tests. No closed doors in the US military! He didn’t have to track them down at home like Emma was saying, but he did have to make sure no one was cheating so he was up close and personal!

9 years ago

I think based on the twenty minutes I watched online, before my computer froze, this is going to be the type of thing where the recaps are the best part of the show. Like I honestly wouldn’t stick with it if it wasn’t for you guys and how funny and animated you are on the podcast. I don’t know what that means, then, for the average person who doesn’t follow gymnastics, but I found myself not glued to the coverage but not sorrowfully disappointed either? Anyways for anyone interested in seeing what non-gym people thought of the first week of Tumble i found a tumblr that collected a ton of opinions:

I’m curious to see the ratings for the first and second week. I didn’t know that this concept was previously tried with the GB diving team following their successful Olympics.

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