128: Aly is Back

Dec 3, 2014 | GymCastic, Podcast

Raisman prepares for bars back on the national team

Aly Raisman training in the recent USA Gymnastics documentary


In the News
Uncle Tim and Jessica chat about:

  • Komova’s triumphant return to international competition (nobody cares if she watered down)
  • Oleg’s baby mohawk, Ruggeri’s floor , Roxana Popa’s hot new bars steal the show at the Blume Memorial.
  • Why does Boguinskaya make Chusovitina pose in front of lingerie shops wherever they go?
  • Our jazz hands filled love for Elythora Thorsdottir and Axelle Kinckaert’s big band choreography.
  • Why the Romanian juniors are leading the charge for artistry and uniqueness in eastern Europe.
  • Should all competition bibs feature names instead of numbers like the did at the Stuttgart World Cup?
  • Afanaseyeva is back with a new floor routine and a huge neck tattoo. Seriously.
  • We lament for the Mustafina who could have been in Stuttgart (it wasn’t pretty, e.g. helicopter legs triple full is back).
  • The adorable VK fan chat with Oleg Vernaiev. That American’s are the friendliest and he still hates high bar!
  • All the reasons to love german announcers especially when they talk about Donell Wittenberg and Hambuchen.
  • Andres Breischneider does the double twisting kovcas again! You better STEP UP Epke!
  • Who has the best team on paper — the NCAA signing day debate.
  • The 43-year-old mother of three, Louise Andrew’s experience competing in the masters gymnastics (AKA being the coolest mom ever).
  • The cheerleader who’s never competed in gymnastics, Laney Madsen of Gym-Max, was invited to national team training camp.

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